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People come to reg desk / info point asking all kinds of questions. Often the volunteers there are not local and don't know the answers. A lot of this information might be in the info booklet, but people invariably don't read or lose their booklet.

Things you can gather beforehand and leave for people to pick up[edit]

  • A local map indicating nearby amenities such as:
    • nearest supermarket, nearest 24 hour supermarket/late night shop,
    • nearby restaurants and takeaways,
    • bus / train stations, nearest bus stop to site,
    • a church,
    • the town centre,
    • a petrol station,
    • a camping shop,
    • nearest cashpoint,
  • A site map with workshop rooms marked out, also showing where the toilets and showers are, as well as any bus pick-up location.
  • Local bus/train timetables (just go and pick a stack of them up).
  • Menus from local takeaway restaurants that will deliver to your venue.
  • A stack of cards from a local taxi company or two.

The local tourist information office will often give you as much tourist information literature as you like, if you ask them in advance.

Things to display prominently[edit]

  • Prices of all merchandise and of standalone public show tickets.
  • Clear map of the site
  • Location and time of:
  • Contact details for first aider.
  • Information about volunteering, schedules to sign up for shifts.
  • A notice informing people that you will not replace lost passes/show tickets.
  • The week's menu from your caterer if they have such a thing. People can use this to plan their week around their picky eating habits.
  • Somewhere for people to leave notes and messages for other people, pin up flyers, etc, etc.
  • Workshop timetable.
  • Traders trading hours.
  • What times the bar will be open/caterers will be selling food.
  • The proper name and address of the venue, for people ordering pizzas, taxis, ambulances, etc.

Other things you might get asked[edit]

  • Nearest hospital with casualty department, nearest 24 hour pharmacist.
  • Weather forecast.
  • How safe the local area is (not sure how you can quantify this).
  • Nearest Chinese/Indian/Pizza restaurant/takeaway.
  • Nearby alternative accommodation (eg. B&Bs, hotels) for people who decide they don't like camping.
  • Lost property (including lost children).
  • Where convention-goers can recharge their electrical devices.
  • Travel information (roads closed, public transport disruptions) on last day of convention.
  • Nearest wifi or internet access point (becoming less important with modern phone technology).