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The next British Juggling Convention will be BJC 32, Ramsgate, 2022.

The most recent British Juggling Convention was BJC 31, Canterbury, 2018.

There was no BJC in 2019 as the EJC was held in UK that year, and there is no BJC in 2020 or 2021 due to the Corona Pandemic.


The first British Juggling Convention was a two-day convention in London in 1988, organised by Max Oddball and Charlie Holland. Since then it has been run by a different team in a different location each year, reaching a high of almost 2000 attendees in Coventry in 1992.

See the BJC History page for more facts, figures and stories. If you've got information, stories or anecdotes of your own, please feel free to add them!

Coming Along

BJC has things to do for everyone. If you're on the fence about coming to your first BJC, give it a go! Even if you don't know anyone, or if you're a non-juggler parent or spouse, there's plenty of opportunities to meet other people in the same boat and find things to do. There are usually workshops at all levels (often including craft and board games as well as juggling) and shows galore. Or just chill out in the sun and soak up the atmosphere.

You might like to pop along to the Facebook group if you have any questions; plenty of organisers and BJC veterans will be happy to provide advice.

Getting Involved

BJC is run by jugglers, for jugglers. All the organisers are volunteers. So if you're coming to a BJC, please consider lending a hand! Pick up rubbish when you see it, ask at the front desk if anyone needs a hand, run a workshop, or make friends with someone who's just arrived and is looking nervous. Contact the organisers before the event to ask if they need any help (letting them know of any skills or experience you have).

At the very least, please clean up your own rubbish.

Running Your Own BJC

Who organises BJC? Anyone who wants to! How is the BJC organised? gives you the nitty gritty details. If you think you might like to run a BJC one day, Do you have what it takes? will help you work out whether this is something you could take on.

If you're still reading, or you've made a successful bid, move on to Running a BJC to find all the detail on everything that goes into a BJC, from concept to site tear-down and from budgeting and project management to generators and toilets.

How this site works

Here, anyone can edit anything. Things you read are not the statements of any authoritative "BJC organisation". Please don't use anything here as your only source of legal advice. If you see anything that's wrong, please fix it.

Anyone who knows anything relevant is very welcome to edit or add material. Getting Started Editing has a brief guide.

The wiki will be a better place if everybody tries to write factual material rather than opinions. People don't always do too well at sticking to this, so edits or comments on the Discussion page are very welcome!

Finding things

You could use the the 5 headings in the navigation bar on the left as a starter. Most of the pages are categorised and there is a list of categories in alphabetical order. There is also a list of pages on the wiki or you can use the search facility to find what you are looking for.