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A business meeting is traditionally held on the last day of a British Juggling Convention. Everyone at BJC is welcome to attend this meeting.
The main functions of the business meeting are to discuss how the BJC is run, evaluate the current BJC and decide who will host next years BJC (or the year after).

How the BJC is run[edit]

Within the BJC attendees there can be more than one idea on how the BJC should be run, this is an opportunity for people to air their views. For example, The BJC 2010 meeting had some discussion of whether forming a committee would help with the organisation of BJCs.

Evaluate the current BJC[edit]

This is a chance for the convention-goers to thank the organisers, perhaps give some constructive criticism to help future BJC organisers and there may be some complaints.

Feedback can also take place, hopefully in a constructive manner.

The organisers can tell the meeting if the event made a profit/loss, estimates of numbers, and any other information they have and wish to impart.

Who will host next years BJC[edit]

If there is more than one offer to host the next BJC, a vote can be held to decide which offer to accept, everyone at the meeting is entitled to vote.

See also "How is the BJC organised?" page for more information on how future BJC organisers are chosen and tips for presenting a successful proposal.

Previous Business Meetings Minutes[edit]

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