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Add your name to this list if:

  • You have been part of a previous BJC and can offer help, advice or consultation.
  • You have a specialist skill such as accountancy, and you can offer advice or services to future BJC teams.
  • You can get a good deal on something a BJC might need.
  • You have a great idea for a self-contained event that could happen at BJC and would be happy to be in charge of making it happen.
  • You have an unusual skill that you could run workshops on.

Please add some details of what you are willing to do, and please list some way that people can get in touch with you. Email address is good, but "via XYZ juggling club" or similar would work if you really don't want your email address online.

If you would just like to volunteer to be generally helpful at a BJC, please talk to the volunteer co-ordinators when you are there.

Emily Winch knows about online pre-reg and a lot of other stuff and is happy to chat about anything. Contact details are on that page I just linked.

Mini Mansell knows a few things. just ask.

Alice Doggrell is a qualified accountant and is happy to point people at the relevant parts of HM Revenue & Customs' website and pass on business/taxation knowledge.

Sam Vines (Mamph) is happy to help with advice about all aspects of the Public Show.

Lorri Reese is happy to help with general advice, planning, budgets or onsite help (BJC2k org & now works in events).

Anna Bodicoat is happy to help with advice about the Public show and other aspects of BJC.

Jak Elyard is happy to answer questions about organising a BJC.

Many more event organisers hang out on jugconorg. This list is normally completely quiet but if you post, all kinds of friendly useful people will come to your rescue.

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