Throwing people out

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Sometimes, people who have paid to get in cause problems severe enough that you may consider throwing them out. If someone is likely to cause further "health and safety" problems to other attendees, throwing them out may be wise.

Real examples or allegations that have edged into "throwing out" territory (although the culprits were not in fact thrown out):

  • Selling drugs
  • Sexual harassment of venue staff
  • (Very) indecent behaviour in public

Things you can do to make this easier:

  • Publicise the fact that dangerous behaviour may result in expulsion with no refund.
  • Discuss beforehand with the team whether you would do this and what kind of behaviour would result in expulsion.
  • Clearly warn people if they are behaving dangerously, ask them to stop, and make them aware that further misbehaviour will result in expulsion.
  • If you are throwing someone out, ask a member of your paid security staff to accompany you. Be firm and clear and don't let them start an argument. Confiscate their pass.
  • Let the security team know somebody has been thrown out, in case of further problems.

BJC 2009 had "Terms and Conditions" on their sales website. This said something like:

We don't have many rules and regulations, but there are some and here they are;

1. We aim to be happy and friendly and we hope you do too. If people at BJC act in a way that causes us or other jugglers problems, we may ask them to stop. If they don't stop we may ask them to leave site and we may not refund their ticket money.

2. Have a fantastic time!