The Old Skool

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A panel show (original working title "Grumpy Old Jugglers"), created by Emily Winch and hosted by Jay Linn at BJC 2012, BJC 2013, BJC 2014 and again at BJC 2015.

The intent is to replicate in front of an audience, the experience of having a beer with some of the people who have been on the juggling scene since before some of the younger audience members were born. The panellists are asked questions designed to elicit stories, opinions and debate.

In 2012 it featured Guy Heathcote, Ben Cornish, Michael Ferguson, Dave JellyBean, Toby Philpott.

In 2013 it had Steve Ragatz, Andre Vincent, H Gregg and Charlie Holland.

In 2014 it had Max Oddball, Richard Gillett, Russell Wells and Steven Bridge.

In 2015 it had Cindy Marvell, Steve Mills, Susi Oddball and Juggley Jane.

In 2017 it had Pink Nigel, Rhonda Murray, Greg Phillips and It's Him.

In 2018 it had The Void, Jamie Fletcher, Mandy and Devilstick Peat and was hosted by Ashby