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On the last day of BJC you have an unlimited number of volunteers, use them to get your fences down and piled up somewhere they can be collected, get those hundreds of chairs moved from the bar back to classrooms.

First thing on the Sunday morning get someone to walk the fence and remove all the clips holding the fence panels together, then when people are clearly packing up to go you can ask them to stack 10 or more panels. Most will happily do this as a way of giving a little back to BJC.

If they don't do this, then your team will have to dismantle a few hundred panels (many tons) on their own.

Everything that has been hired should be taken down, checked for damage and collected together for collection.

Anything not done on the last day of BJC will be left for you and your best friend on the day afterwards when all the jugglers have gone home.

Strongly encourage jugglers to clear up their own mess and any nearby mess before they leave. Most normally will, but sometimes a few need reminding.

The day after BJC the marquees will have gone, the big top down, now is your time to walk the site and clear up any remaining mess. Collect any nails/tent pegs from the camp site and leave nothing behind apart from yellow patches of grass.

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