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The site build is a massive job, requiring 20 or more people.

It is the 3 days before BJC when you take delivery of your marquees, big top, fencing, generator, cables, gas bottles. It is when you mark out and define the camping areas.

It is a building site with all the associated dangers and is NOT a place for uncontrolled actions.
Often jugglers will ask if they can arrive at BJC a day early to put up their tent. Unless they are part of the site build team they should be told not to arrive early.

There will be constant movement from delivery trucks and power tools.

You need a dedicated site manager who can oversee all this activity and ensure it is not only done on time, but also safely.

It is also a time with a defined deadline. Everything needs to be up, running and safe by 4pm on Wednesday when the BJC starts.

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