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If you are buying bulk items, make sure you buy from a wholesaler such as Costco. Don't buy in bulk from a supermarket!

The prices can get alarming when buying in bulk, but don't let that scare you into buying lower quality items than you need. On the other hand, don't let the good deals seduce you into spending all the money you've just saved, buying giant boxes of something you won't use.

Screwfix is often cheaper than B&Q, and they deliver.

HSS and Speedyhire can hire you tools that you really don't want to buy. They will deliver and pick up.

Lots of stuff is available from previous organisers if you ask; in addition, asking around may find you gear you can borrow.

Your security team may be able to source you radio hire at a good price or even lend you some.

Obvious things you should buy

  • Lots of bin bags. One per attendee. Costco sell boxes of 200. Buy sturdy bin bags; the thin ones are cheaper but useless.
  • A variety of sizes of batteries
  • Any cleaning equipment or toilet paper you will need
  • A lot of gaffer tape
  • LOTS of Cable ties. It's easy to use 500 at a BJC, holding up signs. clipping up cables etc.
  • A lot of F.O. tape, red and white stripey stuff for marking out fire lanes.
  • A lot of six inch nails for fixing the FO tape to the ground.
  • Work gloves for any volunteers who will be shifting fencing in cold weather.
  • Tea, coffee and snacks for the office.
  • A laminator if you can't borrow one from somewhere, and a lot of A4 laminating pouches for signs.
  • A lot of A4 paper, possibly in day-glo colours for signs.
  • Marker pens for signs
  • A pot of pens
  • Chalk or markers for your workshop/info boards
  • String.
  • A filing box or filing cabinet if you don't already have one. Fill it with every single piece of paperwork you have, and then bring the whole filing cabinet and put it in the site office.

Various members of your team may have shopping requirements too, so if you ask them for their shopping lists in advance you can do it all in one go.