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The Public Show can be a difficult event to get right technically.

The producer will book acts, and often have a headliner in mind, but none of those acts can do a technical rehearsal until they are actually in the show venue.

What this means is that on the day of the show, starting around 10am, your acts will arrive at the public show venue, get to know the stage layout, sort out any specific lighting requirements, inform the sound person of their musical requirements, special cues, where any of their props need to be pre-set for their act, costume change requirements, etc.

Each act will go through this procedure in detail and then often the Producer will decide the actual show running order.

In order to make this as simple as possible some standard rules have been put in place over the years.

  • Each act should be asked to bring 2 copies of their music, on clearly labelled CDs.
  • The CD should have ONLY their show music. (No handing over a copy of a U2 CD and asking for track 6 please to start 19 seconds in and fade 34 seconds later).
  • The music should be as high quality as possible. A poorly ripped low quality MP3 burned to a CD sounds bad. Amplify that over a venue sound system and it sounds bad, only LOUDER.
  • An act should have a costume. Even if this just means a change of clothes. This is the Gala show of the world's 2nd largest juggling convention, an act should have spend as much time on their presentation, costume, music, etc. as they have on their skills for the act.

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