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Similar to a renegade, but with a bit more organisation. Several/most of the acts will have been booked beforehand, to ensuring a good quality show. Started in 2011.


Organiser: Matthew Byng Maddick
Compère: Jay Linn


Organiser: Matthew Byng Maddick

  • Joff the 'Monkey Poi' (Simian silliness)
  • Lena with her charming Club Swinging routine,
  • Jake with the smoothest silkiest flower stick manipulation I've ever seen,
  • Adriano Fettucini the Gentleman Juggler..cigar boxes,cane , Hat & Old Skool charm,
  • Jenni with some hot hooping
  • and then Liam & Oli & their extraordinary contact skills and fresh presentation style,
  • and then after a short break Rob T with the staff Umbrella stuff that he does so well,
  • Rob Fiery next with Hat juggling/manipulating & impressive ring business,
  • next up was Nao (pronounced...NOW!) his vertax business had to be seen to be believed ...had the crowd on their feet !!...
  • And Finally Seb & his Epic club presentation ( & some M&Ms....?)..included a 5 club multiplex & 5 club REVERSE ,flat front cascade (gor blimey!!!)...Good show!!

Well done to Matthew Byng Maddick for bringing it all together...hope you enjoyed it !!!' as posted by Ben Cornish


Organiser: Ian Mrawa
Compère: Nigel Roder

  • Amy Ameila - Contact Juggling
  • Fredrike Gernster - Club juggling
  • Simon and Samara - Arcobalance
  • Jenny - Hoop
  • Truan - Romance with a Broom
  • Sam Goodburn - Unicycle, Tightwire and Juggling
  • Iuean Evans
  • Kat Collett - Hoop
  • Gayew Francis - Hoop
  • Su Hamilton - Contact Juggling


Organiser: Ian Mrawa
Compère: Luke Burrage

  • Jamie Fletcher, Lizzy Peat, Guy Heathcote (Tossing Wallop Morris) - Club Passing
  • Nigel Roder - Devil Stick
  • Ross Burton - Ring Juggling
  • Nic Sims - Knives
  • Ed Cliffe - Contact Cigar Box
  • Colin Morton - Poi
  • Jon Peat - Juggling Balls
  • Dawn Marie - Contact and word manipulation
  • Ms Merlin - Hoop
  • Iver Tronstad - Juggling Balls and Clubs