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Juggler - noun; plural - 'jugglers'

In this Wiki the term 'jugglers' is used loosely and refers to anyone with an interest in manipulative arts commonly associated with circuses.

Whilst 'juggler' is strictly used to describe a performer of the art of juggling, in this context it far more broadly denotes anyone who : Juggles; actively hangs out with jugglers; has a juggler's attitudes and sensibilities; or who practices any of a great number of creative and manipulative skills encountered in or associated with traditional and modern circus, such as juggling, diabolo, unicycling, poi, and many others, typically exhibiting manual dexterity, the acts of throwing and catching, or the control of inherently unstable arrangements of objects in motion. As well as balance and acrobatic skills associated with circus.

Prestidigitator, prestigiator, legerdemainist, equilibrist, clesamnach are other words for jugglers.