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Jugglers are generally clean and tidy. If your venue comes with cleaners, maybe you can just let them get on with it and all will be well.

However, if you have areas the cleaners aren't cleaning - the bar tent, your hired toilets, etc - you will need somebody in charge of keeping everything shipshape.

The best way to do this is by spending all your effort providing the means for all the jugglers to keep things clean themselves. This can save an incredible amount of work, as well as spreading the "by jugglers for jugglers" ethos, helping people realise how they could chip in and help.

  • If you put bins/bin bags around site and in the bar, AND EMPTY THEM REGULARLY, people will put nearly all the rubbish in there themselves. If you don't, they will throw it all on the floor and you will have to pick it up. If your bar staff are selling a lot of cans and bottles, ask the bar staff when they are glass collecting to also encourage people to use the bins.
  • If you hand every group a bin bag when they arrive, you will reduce the amount of mess on the camp site.
  • If you are going to sort rubbish for recycling make sure the separate bins are clearly labelled.
  • If cleaning utensils are easy to find, most jugglers will sweep/mop up any spillages in the hall.
  • If you put a sign on each bin, suggesting that people take full bin bags to the skip (tell them where to find it) and get a fresh bag from reg desk, the bins will mostly be emptied by the people using them. Otherwise, they will overflow horribly and then people will come and complain.
  • If you provide cleaning products in the toilets and a polite notice asking people to keep things clean "like you would at home", people will give it a quick wipe before it gets really nasty.
  • If on the last day, you walk round the campsite with a big smile handing out free bin bags to any messy looking campers, you won't have to clean up their rubbish later.
  • If you are likely to have a mud problem, you can using fencing to prevent people taking popular (and therefore muddy) shortcuts across grass. You can also buy a job lot of doormats and have signs asking people to wipe their feet, or buy cheap off ends of carpet (or maybe use spare marquee flooring) and cover up some of the muddier problem areas.
  • Consider a policed 'no shoes' policy for the Gym
  • Early in the convention, a few of the young folks will get far too drunk. Sometimes they get worried and call the first aider. If you provide the first aider with a bucket and vomit-cleaning kit, he/she can give this to the drunkard's friends. Then you won't have to have volunteers cleaning up sick in the morning.

Now all you need to do is a regular tour of site looking for unexpected problems, and an early morning check of the bar, to get rid of the remaining empties.