Helpful Little Tips

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  • Eating and sleeping is really important as the event is long with very long hours; BJC2k had one person whose job was to feed the organising team and it worked brilliantly.
  • Skate/Snake boards can/will ruin wooden floors - this will cost you big time - be aware of your venue.
  • Metal unicycle pedals can damage floors and some unicycle tyres can/will mark certain floors.
  • Free shower gel costs very little and is a nice touch (so is sun cream, if you are optimistic about the weather).
  • See if you can negotiate discounts with local taxi firms/restaurants/take-aways for your convention goers, as you might send a lot of trade their way.
  • As well as thinking about your campsite it is worth making a list of nearby hotels and B&Bs. Your public show performers will require accommodation for at least one night of their booking and many will expect one for the whole event. You can also sometimes block book an entire hotel at a discount and sell on the rooms to BJC attendees who want one.
  • Choose a date that doesn't clash with any other similar event.