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There are many ways you can help with this wiki. If there is anything you want to add or correct, or if you see any spelling, grammatical errors in any of the pages, you can click on edit and fix the problem. Before saving it is often a good idea to click on 'Show Preview' to check what you have done. It can be useful to enter a summary to explain what you have done or why. Once you have clicked on 'save' your changes will be visible immediately.

Remember, as easy it was for you to edit the text it will be just as easy for someone else to edit your work.


You do not need to login to edit the pages within this wiki, if you don't the history will record your IP address. The advantage of logging in is it means people will know that you made the changes (and value them accordingly). Also you can look back and see which changes were yours and what changes/additions you have made.
If you do not already have an account it is very easy to create one. Click on 'Create an account' in the top right hand corner of the screen.


There are a couple of things you can do enliven or emphasise text.

Bold and Italic[edit]

To make text Bold or Italic you need to use apostrophes. Three before and after the text for Bold, and two for Italic. They can also be combined

'''Bold text'''
''Italic text''
'''''Bold and italic text''''


On lot of pages you might like to make headings to divide up the text. Headings are easy to make using equal signs;

Description You type You get
Headings of different levels
=level 1=
==level 2==
===level 3===
====level 4====
=====level 5=====
======level 6======

Level 1
Level 2
Level 3
Level 4
Level 5
Level 6

An article with 4 or more headings automatically creates a table of contents.
Avoid using just one equals sign either side, as this is used for page titles.


To make a list use the * or #, * makes an un-ordered list and # makes a numbered list (you can also put lists within lists) eg;

  • item 1
    1. item 1.1
  • item 2
    • item 2.1
  • item 3
  1. item 1
    • item 1.1
  2. item 2
    1. item 2.2
  3. item 3

*item 1        #item 1
*#item 1.1     #* item 1.1
*item 2        #item 2
** item 2.1    ##item 2.2
*item 3        #item 3


It is very useful to link pages together.

To link to a page within the wiki just put the page title you are linking to between two pairs of square brackets.

e.g [[Main Page]]

To make a link to a page when you are using a different form of the word than the exact name of the page use a pipe character (the button next to Z, use shift);

[[Name of Page|Text to display]]
e.g [[Registration| pre-reg]]

To link to a category a colon is required;

[[:Category: Category Name]]
these can be piped too [[:Category: Category Name| Text to display]]

The more links the better, but make sure each one is relevant.

You can find more information on Links on the Wikimedia Help Page.


It is good to categorise pages if you can.
To do this just add the category at the end of the page

[[Category: Site]]

You can give a page two categories if appropriate

[[Category: Site]][[Category: Organising BJC]]

You can find more information on categories on the Wikimedia Help Page.


To upload an image you can use the Upload File link in the sidebar menu on the left (this only appears when you are logged in). Make sure your image is suitably sized and of the right format before you upload it.

Name your file clearly. It is good to use a concise descriptive name if possible, but you can also add more information in the notes.

To link to an image:

[[Image:name of the image.jpg]]

will add the image in the article, as is. More formatting can be applied though

[[Image:name.jpg | thumb                | alt=Alt text|Caption text]]
          name     makes it a thumbnail                text goes underneath

You can find more information on adding images on the Wikimedia Help Page.

Ending Lines[edit]

If you leave a line (or two) in the editing version of text (eg at the end of a paragraph) a line (or two) will be left on the rendered page.

If you simply want text to start on a new line without an empty line between them you can use the html for line-break;
<br> or <br /> 

You can find more editing help on the editing help page.