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As with all events you need to capture peoples attention, BJC is no different. Over the years there have been many different logo's and sometimes themes to a convention. It might make sense for you to outsource design work to someone with the right skills. To keep the theme/lookandfeel of the convention consistent it is recommended that anything public faces goes through your design team. After 2014 it has been recommended (by Ian Mrawa), that a Design Team is highly recommended in order to facilitate a large workload and so that all other "functional teams" are able make design requests. Everything produced will then subsequently be consistent.

Here is a summarized list of all items that were requested as part of BJC 2014. The items have been grouped into similar categories:


  • Logo - Colour and Black/White
  • Colour scheme - to be carried through all advertisement/media/merch/etc


  • Posters - A3 and A4
  • Flyers - A5 and A6
  • Festival Lineup - A3 and A4

Socal Media

  • Facebook Banner
  • Twitter Profile Picture
  • Twitter Banner
  • Twitter Background


  • Pre-reg Forms
  • Letterhead
  • Directions


  • Booklet
  • Pocket Guide
  • Maps
  • Passes
  • Postcards
  • Shirts/Merch
  • Stage Management Cards
  • Volunteer Cards
  • Volunteer Badges
  • BBMC Certificate

Additional Categories

  • Website
  • Merchandize
  • Secret Postcards