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Everybody can edit? Really? Can I?

If you think you can make a positive contribution please do. This applies if you know about BJC organisation specifically, even if you only know about one little part of it, but also if you know about related useful fields such as licensing law or accounting.

Please try to keep your contributions neutral and factual, especially if you have strong opinions on a topic.

If in doubt, you can use the Discussion link at the top of a page to start a discussion about changes you'd like to make.

Editing an existing page

All pages have an Edit button at the top right.

Formatting Help contains a guide to the formatting you can use. If you're not sure about formatting please feel free to add things unformatted; other users will probably help tidy it up pretty quickly. If you're good at spelling and grammar that's great, if not, don't worry about it. We'd rather have contributions with spelling mistakes than no contributions at all.

If you're not logged in when you edit a page, you may be asked to answer a simple juggling question to prove you are not a spammer.

Creating a new page

First make a link to the page you'd like to create. In the edit page, your link should look something like this:

[[My New Page]] has some great pictures of cats.

Once you've saved your changes, follow your own link and you can create the page.

Testing things out

If you're trying to edit and not sure how you can play around in the Sandbox.