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The European Juggling Convention could be regarded as a European version of the British Juggling Convention (although EJC is 10 years older). The EJC has been held in the UK seven times in its 33 years of existence.

from EJA website

"European Juggling Convention

The EJC is a meeting of old and new friends, a forum for exchanging techniques, tricks and ideas. The jugglers also show their art and skills to the public: a colourful parade leads through the city, performance, workshops and games show the great variety of juggling. In the spectacular Gala show the crème de la crème of jugglers fascinates the local audience.

The attendance of the European Juggling Convention (EJC) is around 2,500 to 4,500 jugglers - the world biggest juggling event - and is held every year in a different European city. From all over the world professional artists, street jugglers and hobby jugglers travel to meet up.

The EJC is run by a non-profit organisation made of hard working volunteer jugglers from the host city. The European Juggling Association and voluntary helpers from many countries support the local organisers to run this event."