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In more recent years there has sometimes been a closing show on the last day of BJC, often with just one performer/duo/group with a longer routine than they would use in the Public Show but of a comparable standard, this makes the last day more than just a packing-up day, especially for jugglers who have only been able to come to BJC for the weekend.

Choosing what time can depend on how early you think people will have to leave to get home, with many BJCs ending on a Sunday when public transport is less regular.

The closing show gives a more well defined end to the event; people seem to pack their tents, go to the show and leave straight afterwards, instead of leaving gradually over the day.

Closing acts in the past have included: Wes Peden and Peter Aberg at Doncaster, Pol & Freddy at Norwich 2009, Patrik Elmnert and Wes Peden at Pickering.