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Britovision was an alternative to Renegade organised by Mr Jules. Performers had to use music from a Eurovision Song contest entry, and were judged by the audience. The winner was the performer who spent the most time on stage.

Jugglers to perform to the worst music possible (thus challenging their ability). The audience gets to see some great juggling in the face of some really bad/annoying/awful music which is drawn from the Eurovision Song Contest entries over the years. It's a test to see if a performer can 'entertain' despite the bad music. It's not about the winning; it's about the taking part and having a laugh. Suggestions for expanding on the comedy idea are to present a 'tacky trophy' to the 'winner'. Potentially: the more seriously you present it; the funnier it becomes.
The music is chosen 'randomly' from the Eurovision songs available.
Previous versions have included: An 'X factor' style where a team of judges show a red card to the act and then the judges give a critique of why they stopped it. An audience vote system with red cards in the audience - once (e.g.)once 10 cards are shown the act is stopped.
The length of time an act survives has been the determining factor.
It's a comedy format but some jugglers have performed great juggling to terrible music, so it works as a way for having fun, a way for great juggling to be seen, a way for the audience to participate.
It needs a compère, some red cards, some judges (appointed or in the audience, a time-keeper, a selection of Eurovision music, a good sound technician and some jugglers willing to have a go!
It might work well as a mix with Renegade acts - one EuroJuggle bit, then a Renegade act, then an Eurojuggle... and so on.

(written by Paul Randal, Peachi and Casper in 2007)