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BYJotY is a show/competition for young British jugglers to compete in to win the prize of British Young Juggler of the Year. It is similar to the Springboard competition (held at Norwich BJC, Edinburgh BJC, Nottingham BJC and Bristol BJC), but with more emphasis on performance skills.

In 2011 Tom Derrick set up a Facebook group and IeuanMaiden created a website/blog for BYJotY. IeuanMaiden created another facebook group in 2013.

The first British Young Juggler of the Year (BYJotY) competition was instigated, organised and compèred by Luke Burrage at Perth BJC in 2005. Luke subsequently organised the 2006, 2007, 2008 and 2009 BYJotYs. The 2010 and 2011 competitions were organised by Tom Derrick. The 2012, 2013, 2014 and 2015 competitions were organised by Ieuan Evans.

The first BYJotY was sponsored by Butterfingers and subsequent BYJotYs have been supported by traders at BJCs giving prizes for the winners.


The rules can vary from year to year, it is best to contact this years organiser to check the current rules.

Who can enter?[edit]

Anyone can enter! That is, as long as they are:

  • British. Slightly British is close enough; "living in Britain at the moment" is not.
  • Under 21. Not 21, under 21.

What do they have to do?[edit]

  • Entertain an audience of jugglers for between 2 and 5 minutes.

What kind of act is suitable for the competition?[edit]

Any kind of act with any prop. Entrants can for instance perform :-

  • Skills choreographed to music
  • A themed act
  • A comedy routine
  • A presentation of purely technical ability.

Any props are allowed: balls, clubs, rings, diabolo, devilsticks, flowersticks, cigar boxes, hats, ball spinning, staff, poi, shaker cups, plate spinning, self-invented props, etc, etc — but not yo–yos, as they already have their own separate competitions. Unicycles and other balancing props are allowed only if they are accompanied by some form of juggling.

In 2015 a unicycle was allowed and in 2016 aerial acts were also allowed. There were suggestions the name might be changed to BYJoUoCAotY (British Young Juggler or Unicyclist or Circus Performer of the Year

What awards can be won?[edit]

British Young Juggler of the Year[edit]

The main title, "British Young Juggler of the Year", is voted for by the audience. What that title means is up to the audience… so if a juggler wants to win this prize they need to either have the best act of the night, or the most entertaining, or — better yet — the best AND most entertaining act.

Gold and Silver Awards[edit]

Gold and Silver Awards are decided on by a panel of three or four experts. The judges look at each act on its own merits, based on how well the juggler does what they do.
Gold Awards could be granted to :-

  • A choreographed routine of high professional standards in terms of technique, choreography, costume and music, where the judges feel they would book that act for a professional show
  • A streetshow style routine, where the judges think they would put 10 quid in the hat at the end
  • A purely technical juggling routine, where the judges think it could rank at the WJF.
  • A BYJotY Gold Award routine should be of the same standard, or higher, than an IJA Juniors Gold Medal. If judges don't think the standard is high enough, no Gold Award will be given.
  • Before 2012 more than one Gold or Silver might be awarded depending on the performance of the contestants. From 2012 only one Gold and one Silver might be awarded per contest, but there was the addition of a Bronze award for 3rd (or 2nd) place. In 2015 the rules were changed and if no one won a Gold then two Silver could be awarded.

Judges' Choice Award[edit]

The judges get together and decide the which young juggler was the most professional, stylish and skilled. This award was phased out after BJC 2011.

Convention awards[edit]

Organisers from other conventions and festivals can award a place in their own public or gala shows to their favourite performer. In 2007, Sarah Biskup and Adrian Pole won the chance to perform alongside some of the biggest names in the juggling world such as Luke Wilson and Wes Peden.

From 2012, the Judges' Choice and Convention awards were deprecated, since it was felt that there were too many awards per contestant. Convention show organisers are still at liberty to watch the show and ask an act to perform in their show (this has happened), so BYJotY competitors should still consider their performances as showcases of their talent.

I'm a young juggler, and I'm pretty good, but I don't have an act. Can I still enter?[edit]

Yes, just enter the Best Trick competition! While the judges are out deliberating and the audience votes are being counted, any young juggler is allowed to take to the stage and show off their most impressive, skilful, creative, stupid or interesting trick. The competitors themselves, with help from the competition host, vote for the winner.

Past BYJOTY awards[edit]


Held at Perth BJC and sponsored by Butterfingers.

Judges: Mike Armstrong, .....

BYJOTY: Jon Udry;
Judges Choice: Norbi;
Durham Convention Award: Zyllan Spillsbury;
Nottingham Convention Award: Jon Udry;
Silver awards: Jon Udry, Arron Sparks, Zyllan Spillsbury

[Note: The Judges Choice award was given instead of a silver medal. It was later decided that in future years it would be awarded in addition to Silver/Gold.]


BYJOTY 2006 logo

Held at Bodmin BJC

Judges: Mike Armstrong, .....
BYJOTY: Jon Peat;
Judges Choice: Arron Sparks;
BJC Public Show Award: Norbi;
Crawley Convention Award: Zack Turner;
Silver awards: Zyllan, Arron Sparks, Tom Derrick, Norbi;


Held at Nottingham BJC

Judges: Mike Armstrong, .....
BYJOTY: Adrian Pole;
Judges Choice: Adrian Pole;
Durham Convention Award: Pete Thomsett;
Crawley Convention Award: Sarah Biskup;
Silver awards: Norbi, Arron Sparks, Adrian Pole, John Booth


Held at Doncaster BJC

Judges: Mike Armstrong, .....
BYJOTY: Freddy Sheed;
Judges Choice: Freddy Sheed;
Lestival Convention Award: Luke Hallgarten;
Crawley Convention Award: Reuben Cohn-Gordon;
Silver awards: Freddy Sheed; Adrian Pole; Luke Hallgarten;


Held at Norwich BJC in the same theatre as the Public Show.

Compèred by Nina Adams
Judges: Jay Linn, Mike Armstrong ....
BYJOTY: Reuben Cohn-Gordon;
Judges Choice: Reuben Cohn-Gordon;
Silver awards: Reuben Cohn-Gordon; Ken Carlile; Sarah Biskup; Ben Morgan;
Best Trick: Owen Greenaway with a pen on the nose balance.


Held at Huddersfield BJC and organised by Tom Derrick.

Compèred by Nina Adams

BYJOTY: Johnny Malcolm;
Judges Choice: Johnny Malcolm;
Silver awards: Johnny Malcolm; Josh Turner & Lewis Kennedy (Double act); David Haslam: Ashley Harris

Lestival Convention award: David Haslam;
Crawley Convention award: Johnny Malcolm;
Best Trick: Matthew Green; (He juggled a 3 ball cascade, dropped one to a foot stall and held the other two, then forward rolled with the stalled one still on top of his foot and flicked it back up into a cascade.)


Held at Nottingham BJC and organised by Tom Derrick.

Compèred by Arron Sparks.
Judges: Donald Grant, Wes Peden, ....

BYJOTY: Folkert Erkelens;
Judges Choice: Thomas Senior;
Silver awards: Thomas Senior; Chris Noonan;

Milton Keynes Convention award: Thomas Senior;
Crawley Convention award: Thomas Senior;
Best Trick: Brook Roberts with a 4 ball Eric's Extension
Best trick competition on JugglingLive


Held at Southend BJC and organised by Ieuan Evans.

Compèred by Rosie Kelly and Charles Brockbank.
Judges: Tom Derrick, Donald Grant, Guy Heathcote, ....

The awards were slightly changed this year, there was no Judges Choice or convention awards and only one Silver Award, but there was the introduction of the Bronze Award.

BYJOTY: Sam Goodburn;
Silver award: Ashley Harris;
Bronze award: Chris Noonan;
Best Trick: Sam Goodburn with a foot catch whilst juggling 3 clubs on a unicycle


Held at Pickering BJC and organised by Ieuan Evans.

Compèred by Nik Robson-King.
Judges: Tom Derrick, The Void, Guy Heathcote, Dave Law

The awards were as last year. This year a Gold was awarded for the first time in the competition's history.

BYJOTY: Dave Leahy;
Gold award: Dave Leahy;
Silver award: Alex McGillivray;
Bronze award: Charles Brockbank;
Best Trick: Sam Goodburn with a 1 up 360 on a unicycle


Held at BJC 27, Darton, 2014 and organised by Ieuan Evans.

Compèred by Mark Watson.
Judges: The Void, Max Oddball, Sam Heasman

BYJOTY: Arthur Hyam;
Silver award: Arthur Hyam;
Bronze award: Cal Courtney;
Best Trick: Peter Roder juggling 3 straw hats


Held at BJC 28, Darton, 2015 and organised by Ieuan Evans.

Compèred by Mark Watson.
Judges: The Void, Matthew Tiffany, Sam Heasman

BYJOTY: Eddy Bacon;
Silver award: Eddy Bacon;
Silver award: Luke Davies;
Bronze award: Josh Morris;
Best Trick: Dan Price standing on the top of Josh Morris's head while they juggled a 3 club cascade.


Held at BJC 29, Perth, 2016 and organised by Claire Stephens-Davies.

Compèred by Harvey Cobb.
Judges: Natalie Randall, Donald Grant, Matthew Tiffany

BYJOTY:David Haslam ;
Silver award: David Haslam;
Silver award: ;
Bronze award: ;
Best Trick: .


Held at BJC 30, Nottingham, 2017 and organised by Claire Stephens-Davies.

Compèred by Natty Lunatrix.
Judges: Rosie Kelly, Jon Peat, Mike Armstrong

BYJOTY: Max Preece;
Silver award: Max Preece;
Silver award: Jules Cook;
Bronze award: ;
Best Trick: .


Held at BJC 31, Canterbury, 2018 and organised by Claire Stephens-Davies.

Compèred by Jon Udry.
Judges: Ben Cornish, Natalie Randall, Arthur Hyam.

BYJOTY: Peter Roder;
Silver award: Peter Roder;
Silver award: Eilidh Sela ;
Judges Choice: Eilidh Sela;
Bronze award: ;
Best Trick: