BJC 9, Edinburgh, 1996

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BJC # 9 11-14.04.1996

BJC 1996 postcard


EDINBURGH. Moray House College of Physical Education, Cramond, Edinburgh.
(the venue has since been demolished and replaced by luxury houses).


Main organisers: Stewart Hutton, James Soper, Johnny Hopper, Donald Grant (Show), Dave Meah, Daniel Bee and Mark Segal.



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BJC 9 Pass

Non-removable orange wristband.


Pre-reg: Adults £20, under 16s £10
On door: Adults £25
Bed and breakfast on site (Fri & Sat) £19 per night.

Public Show[edit]

The public show was called "Lob'ster Circus" and was organised and stage managed by Donald Grant. It was held in Meadowbank Sports Centre (later used as venue for EJC in 1998).

Compère Doug Dougal or Graeme & Aileen?


Other shows[edit]

Springboard competition for young jugglers was won by Luke (aged 9), Joanne Swaim came second.
Blink performed their full show.


The games were held in the amphitheatre in Princess Street Gardens below the castle and were compèred by Charlie.


Diabolo workshop with Donald Grant
Three ball workshop with Ben Jennings
2-handed passing workshop with Tarim
Two workshops on complex club-passing patterns with Brendan Brolly, Tarim and Ken Zetie
Diabolo breakout with Sam Veale
Club Swinging with Anna Semlyen

Review, video and photo links[edit]

Reviews by Rob Street and Rob Stone (+ comments from rec.jugglers)
Review by Michael Ferguson Part I Part II Part III Part IV Part V Part VI
Review by Johnny Hopper (one of the organisers)
Review by I Thomas (+ reaction from rec.juggling)
Review of the Public Show from The Herald
Alan Plotkin produced a video there is an index of the video.
Archive view of list of reviews on the convention website (after the event)
Review on pages 18 & 19 of issue 19 of The Catch magazine, plus comment from Donald Grant on page 20

Notes and other details[edit]

The convention also raised extra funds by selling off a "Box of Shite", but it was also assisted by the City of Edinburgh, world famous Haggis makers MacSween of Edinburgh, and Adelphi whisky.
Although there were initially fears that the convention had not been a financial success due to problems caused by the weather during the set-up and lower than anticipated attendance.[1] By June the organisers announced they had broken even.[2]
The convention flew in the godfather of community circus, Reg Bolton from Australia, to return to his teaching roots in Scotland.
A fire alarm was set off before the start of the public show giving people the opportunity to find better seats than they originally had.
The image for the convention was created by David Faithful.
It rained and there was deep-fried food available. There was also catering from the Laughing Buddha who served noodles in black bean sauce and the beer tent was run by Captain Bob's Circus (who arrived on Friday after breaking an axle).
Several members of the organising team went on to organise the 1998 European Juggling Convention, also in Edinburgh.
Camping on the edge of Edinburgh overlooking the Firth of Forth in April was not the warmest place to be.
The site was opened up early (Thursday 11 April) because people complained Edinburgh was an awfully long way to go for a three day convention.

Photo of venue

Contemporaneous photo of venue from above (without big tops, marquees or tents) before the site was demolished and replaced with housing.
(click on image to enlarge)

Budget and costs[edit]

Edinburgh BJC 1996 Expenditure