BJC 8, Norwich, 1995

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BJC # 8 20-23.4.1995


NORWICH. Hewett School, Cecil Road, Norwich, NR1 2PL.


Will Chamberlain, Ken "Pretentious" Farquhar


"just under a thousand jugglers" Anna Semlyen

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BJC 8 Pass


Pre-reg: Adults £20, under 16s £10
Day tickets: Adults £10, under 16s £5
Single rooms £14 per night
Pre-registering saved you £5

Public Show[edit]

There were 2 showings, held in Ronnie's Boxing Hall?
Compère: Lee Hayes

Philip Penny (Springboard contest winner);
Spectral FX (Judy Goulston, Mark Bolwell, Ellie Behrens) UV juggling and puppet show;
Duo Full House (Henry Camus & Gaby Schmutz)(piano, juggling, acrobatics);
Maike Aerden (Diabolo);
Jugglestruck (Duo ball juggling);
Le La Les (acro, music & fire);
Jeremy James (Ring juggling);
Jon Stamp (juggling);
Marion (Kenny?) & Rachel (Henson?) (fire pole swinging);
Rex Boyd (juggling);
Skate Naked (acro);

Other shows[edit]

The first Springboard competition for young jugglers for 7-14 & 15-19 year olds. Philip Penny won, earning himself a place in the public show. £100 first prize sponsored by Beard juggling equipment and The Catch.

Circus Cabaret on Thursday evening and a special performance by Spectral FX on Friday.


"The games were unfortunately washed out in the main, so we held them in the reception area." - Rob Street
"Games included showing an unusual trick - a 3 ball mills mess with penguin catches was the audience's favourite." Anna Semlyen


Two-handed passing - Mandy & Tarim
Snakeboarding - Simon & Julia
Contact Juggling - Ben Jennings
Hat manipulation - Haggis Mcleod
Clubswinging - Anna Jillings
5 ball juggling - Haggis Mcleod
Club Passing - Rob Stone
Ball Spinning - Cla(i)re
Kickups - Ken
Diabolo - Brendan Brolly
Beginners 3 ball - Mark Bond & Nigel Roder

Review, video and photo links[edit]

Rob Street's review
Anna Jillings' review
Rob Stone's review
Mr Aardark's review
Info from
The Catch, issue 14 pages 5-7.
Alan Plotkin produced a video.
Scenes from the convention were also shown on Anglia tv local programme.

Notes and other details[edit]

NoFit State and Croissant Neuf provided big tops.