BJC 7, Manchester, 1994

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BJC # 7 14-17.4.1994


MANCHESTER. Hopwood Hall College, Middleton, M24 6XH (about 7 miles north of Manchester)


Main organiser: Andy Wood
Show organiser: Martin Hutton



Previous official website url[edit]


BJC 7 logo


BJC 7 Pass


Pre-reg: Adults £18, under 16s £9
On door: Adults £22, under 16s £11
Day tickets: Fri £8 & £4, Sat £10 & £5, Sun £5 & £2.50
Twin bedrooms £9 (per person)

Public Show[edit]

Compère (and organiser)
Martin Hutton


  • The Beetroots,
  • Levenshulme Soul Choir,
  • Ben Cornish (juggling),
  • Arthur Pedlar (clowning),
  • Philipp Dammer,
  • Rachel Henson & Marion Kenny (swung glo-torch thingies)?,
  • Alex Laredo,
  • Yvan Roy from Montreal
  • and some kids.

Circus Fudge and High Voltage trapeze (Carol Ward & ?) performed for the queue.

Other shows[edit]

Aardvark Bazaar - an outdoor show by Circus Fudge on Friday night.


The games were at Castlefield in Manchester after a parade round Manchester centre.
"The judges were dressed in rather fetching chicken costumes (Jules, just to be different, was in a sexy little penguin number)" - The Catch


Skylight Circus opened their aerial facilities in Rochdale (10 minutes drive or bus away) for the entire weekend.

Donald Grant ran a diabolo workshop.

Review, video and photo links[edit]

Mark Tillotson's review
Rob Stone's review
Daniel Mitchell's review
The Catch issue 8 page 16-17

Notes and other details[edit]

The public show was in a Circus Big Top. NoFit State Circus and Croissant Neuf both provided tops for workshop space and Renegade shows.
The organisers held a BJC 7.5 in July to raise funds as the convention had made a loss. The organisers had been expecting start-up funds to be passed on from previous BJCs, but those had gone towards the costs of Leeds EJC. If you ask Manchester's organisers about this, they will adhere to the firm belief that the deficit was caused by fence-jumpers and had everyone on site paid they would have broken even. No subsequent BJC has received non-returnable start-up funds from previous years.
Keith Chegwin visited the site for The Big Breakfast (a breakfast TV show), and reports at the time told that he entered the tent of a convention-goer for a voxpop segment to camera, and asked the inhabitant what he was doing. "I'm smoking a big spliff" he said, holding up a spliff. Chegwin was astonished at the brazenness of the reply, and said "This is live television!!". The unnamed smoker replied "And this is a big spliff". It was in fact filled with freshly mowed grass.

There are some videos (gifs) of Philipp Dammer, Dave Proctor and Chris Sly at BJC 7 on the Movie page.

Captain Bob's Circus ran a bar.

There was a convention video made.

Budget and Costs[edit]

Some costs from Manchester BJC;

£2,361.75 for T-Shirts
£514.50 for printing of show tickets, convention passes, leaflets, brochures and flyers
£7000 for the Site
£350 for temporary water supply
£716.75 for Toilets and Showers & service
£2,573.25 for Big Top hire
£500 for Insurance through John Torribles
£630 for 6 Double-decker buses

To compare these cost to other years see previous convention costs.