BJC 5, Coventry, 1992

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BJC # 5 10-12.04.1992


COVENTRY. Coventry Polytechnic Sports Centre and Sidney Stringer School


Circus Palava


Despite persistent rumours in the 2000s that Coventry's attendance was well in excess of two thousand (some say 2,400) this figure has now been more or less disproved by event organiser Wolly who, when asked some time around 2010, recalled that there were in the region of 1,600-1,800 full-price registrations.

It therefore seems likely that no BJC attendance has exceeded 2,000.

Previous official website url[edit]


T-shirt design


Coventry BJC Pass


Pre-reg: Adults £15, Children £7.50
On door: Adults £18, Children £9, under 5s free
Day tickets: Adults £8, Children £4
Rooms at Polytechnic £10.50 per night

Public Show[edit]

held in 2000 seat big top

James Brommage (flashy Las Vegas style piss-take)
Club Meeting (5 person club passing while seated act)
Ultravision (UV act)
Peewee and Stompy

Other shows[edit]

Cabaret, grand parade and scratch circus.


held in shopping centre in Coventry

Review, video and photo links[edit]

Edible Dormouse's review
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Steve Hawtin's review
Review by Ross Noble in The Catch issue 1 page 21

Notes and other details[edit]

Possibly the biggest BJC so far...