BJC 31, Canterbury, 2018

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BJC 31 03-09.04.2018


Simon Langton Grammar School for Boys, Langton Lane, Nackington Road, Canterbury, CT4 7AS (location on googlemaps)


Main organisers:
Jak (Site Manager)
Anna Bod (Volunteer Coordinator)


Tom Addison (Volunteer Coordinator)
Claire Stephens-Davis (Gala Show Organiser)
Rosie Kelly (Gala Show Organiser)
Emma Welford (Graphic Designer)
Jam Ward (Web Designer & Developer)
Ron Lazy Juggler Bar
Allan Rhodes Junior (Merchandise)
Lee (Co-director)


Total 670, (598 adults, 24 Teens (13-17), 31 youths (7-12), 17 childs (0-6))

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BJC2018 Logo.jpeg


Small glass bottle full of luminous granules and different coloured glitter, with a yellow or red ribbon fixed to the bottle's cork

Popular with some attendees, especially when they found it glowed in the dark, though being made of glass not all passes survived the duration of the convention.


Ticket Prices
Full Week Weekend Day
Adult Teen (13-17) Youth (7-12) Child (0-6) Caravan Space Adult Teen (13-17) Youth (7-12) Child (0-6) Adult Teen (13-17) Youth (7-12) Child (0-6)
Early Pre-reg £100 £70 £30 £0 £15 £70 £40 £15 £0
Black Friday Sale £90 £63 £27 £63 £36 £13.50
Later pre-reg £110 £80 £35 £80 £45 £20
On the Door £130 £90 £40 £90 £50 £25 £35 £20 £10 £0
Public Show Ticket Prices
Adult Child (under 18)
£10 £8

Public Show

The show was named "Thrown Together", and was hosted at the Winter Gardens in Margate on Friday 6th May


Matthew Tiffany


Jon Udry
Ben Nicholson
Jan Himself (diabolo)
Paul Zenon (magic)
Loz Because (LED hoop)
Helena Berry (ball juggling)
Berlin Passing Girls (Sandra, Jana, Carlotta & Ronja)(club passing)
Steve Rawlings

Other shows

Spinning@ Show

Open Stage

Compèred by Devilstick Peat
Keith and Antonia (passing poi)
Mark and Cameron (passing rings)
Daniel Simu (ball juggling)


see BYJotY page for results

Old School Panel

hosted by Ashby, with The Void, Jamie Fletcher, Mandy and Devilstick Peat

Fight Night

Compèred by Rosie Kelly and won by Jon Peat


The Games were held in Dreamland amusement park in Margate on Friday afternoon, with Devilstick Peat

In the 1st BJC Volleyclub Tournament, held on site on Saturday?, the winners were Lucas and Stephan, 2nd Brook & Cameron. 3rd Rob & Mandy, 4th Callum & Nathan (8 teams entered). (source)


The workshops were organised by Avril Smart

Review, video and photo links

It's Him's review on Juggling Edge

Notes and other details

Catering was provided by Monte in the school canteen, Love Waffles in Cafe 42 and Veggies.

Budget and other costs