BJC 28, Darton, 2015

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BJC 28 27.3-2.4.2015


Darton College, Ballfield Lane, Kexbrough, Darton, Barnsley, South Yorkshire, S75 5EF (same venue as Darton 2014)


Main organiser:
Jane Randall


Pre-Reg Coordinator
Team Fabulous

Registration Desk/Merch
  • Jane Randall
  • Katie Brown
  • Janette Songhurst
  • Sally King-Sheard
Team Welfare (Butty Bitches).
  • Kat Bown
  • Abbi Lee
  • Sam McIntyre
  • James Prior
Site Management.
Lazy Juggler Bar


Looking at a single figure is misleading. After reviewing the figures the event attracted around 860-880 people. (allow for errors in reporting and youth circus visitors who paid a lump sum) Of that number 121 did not pay to come in, (performers etc) 29 were traders, 186 paid on the door and 524 paid in advance, (a mixture of week/weekend and day tickets)

Previous official website url[edit]

Logo & Merchandise[edit]

BJC 2015 logo designed by David Smith

Designed by David Smith

Merchandise - Orange were crew colours

Logo on the front of Hoodies were actually embroidered on. This image was for visual only

BJC 2015 Hoody


Fabric wristband with metal clamp


Early pre-reg (before 31 Oct): £85 (adult), £45 (child 11-17), £15 (child 3-10)
Later pre-reg (before 31 Jan): £95 (adult), £50 (child 11-17), £20 (child 3-10)
On the door: . . . . . . . . . . . £120 (adult), £60 (child 11-17), £30 (child 3-10)

Show tickets: £15 (adult), £10 (under 18)
Weekend ticket (Fri-Sun, inc show): £70 (adult), £35 (child 11-17), £18 (child 3-10)
Day tickets: £30 (adult), £15 (child 11-17), £8 (child 3-10)
Caravan parking space: £5

Public Show[edit]

The Public Show called "Stand Off" and held at Sheffield City Hall in Sheffield and was produced by Natalie Randall with help from Rosie Kelly. The entire second half of the show was given over to Water on Mars.


Marky Jay


Fabian Krestel
Lynn Scott
Marianna de Sanctis & Florent Lestage
Ariane Oechsner
Alexis Levillon
Water on Mars - (Wes Peden, Patrik Elmnert & Tony Pezzo)

View the Show Flyer here File:A5 - StandOff Flyer.pdf

Other shows[edit]

Beta Testing[edit]

with Jon Udry, Arron Sparks & Matt Pang

Open Stage[edit]

British Show[edit]

Compère Charles Brockbank & Rosie Kelly Not in Order of appearance

William Burrell
Tom Derrick
Lewis Kennedy & Jon Peat
Thomas Bounce
Graham Milligan & Joe Campbell-McArdill
Rob Thorburn & Susie Enock
Iona Stewart & Cal Courtney
Luke Halgarten

International Show[edit]

The International Show was organised by Natalie Randall and held at Darton College on the last night of the event. The show was followed by a closing night party in the bar and many atrium with crate stacking competitions going on it to the early hours Compère Maarten Wils (Martin from Belgium)

Patrik Elmnert (Sweden)
Kathrin Pancakes (Germany)
Sagi Bracha and Ofek Snir (Israel)
Marianna de Sanctis (France)
Florent Lestage (France)
Tony Pezzo (USA)
Casey Wood (Australia)
Haavard Hvidsten and Julian Sæthe (Norway)
Wes Peden (USA)

Fire Show[edit]

Organised by James Guiver from Sure fire Circus
Not in Order of appearance

Michael Caden Pike
James Guiver
Dan Price
Sophie Cain
John Godbolt
Eleanor Smith
Chris Madden
Josh Morris

Old School[edit]

Cindy Marvell, Steve Mills, Susi Oddball and Juggley Jane were the panellists, hosted by Jay Linn. Old Skool was produced by Emily Winch and Jay Linn with help from LP.

Youth Circus Show[edit]

This was performed by Five Ring Circus

Fight Night[edit]

Compèred by Martin King-Sheard and Maarten Wils, refereed by Ieuan Evans, the top 12 competed in the Atrium and the tournament was won by Iver Tronstad



Review, video and photo links[edit]

Video by Alan

Review by Little Paul on Juggling Edge

HLGBCS by Magical Mark Watson

Nigel's Review of BJC 2015

Notes and other details[edit]

Facebook page:

Facebook group:

The weather was very windy, many tents were destroyed and some people had to sleep indoors.

Catering was provided by the school canteen in the main atrium, and Veggies and Love Waffles in the courtyard next to the main atrium. Monte was not able to cater due to last minute paperwork issues (that were not his fault).

The event ran its own bar.

A BJC newspaper was produced

BJC 2015 Business Meeting Minutes pdf

Budget and other costs[edit]