BJC 27, Darton, 2014

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BJC 27 11-17.April.2014


Darton College, Ballfield Lane, Kexbrough, Darton, Barnsley, South Yorkshire, S75 5EF


Main organiser:
Jane Randall





Team Fabulous





Creators of Interesting Recreational Creative Utility Spaces

  • Mark Songhurst
  • Katie Brown
  • Lorri Reese
  • Miark
  • Anna Inman
  • Amy Preece

Lazy Juggler Bar



Previous official website url[edit]


BJC2014Logo.png Designed by Ian Mrawa


Elliptical piece of translucent perspex in blue or orange (depending on whether you were assigned to be villain or hero) with an LED at one end that lit up when you squeezed it.

BJC 2014 Pass (blue)


Early pre-reg: £75(adult), £40(child 11-15)
Later pre-reg: £85(adult), £45(child 11-15)
On the door: £95(adult), £50(child 11-15)

Show tickets: £15(adult), £10(child 5-15)
Weekend ticket(Fri-Sun, inc show): £65(adult), £35(child 11-15)
Day tickets: £25(adult), £15(child 11-15)

Public Show[edit]

The Public Show called "Flashpoint!" and held at Sheffield City Hall in Sheffield and was produced by Natalie Randall.

Peter Gamble and Russell Wells

Voodoo Unicycles
Gustaf Rosell
MHD Crew
James Miller
Matthias Ramfelt
Bekka Rose
Flambé Circus
Kathrin Pancakes
Markus Furtner
Loz Because
Emil Dahl

Three of the advertised acts did not perform as they had problems with immigration and were replaced at short notice.

Other shows[edit]

Five Rings Circus Show

Organised by Steve Cousins

Fire Show

Flambé Circus


Organised by Ieuan Evans

Open Stage

Organised by Ian Mrawa


Organised by Ian Mrawa
Compèred by Rosie and Charles


Organised by Russell Wells

Torwood Wheelers Show

Torwood Wheelers

Fight Night

Organised by Luke Burrage

The Old Skool

Organised by Emily Winch

CircusWorks Youth Circus Cabaret

Organised by Tom Butterworth


Organiser: Luke Burrage

  1. 3 Ball Simon Says
  2. Hoop Gladiators
  3. 5 Ball Endurance
  4. Handstand Endurance
  5. Unicycle Gladiators
  6. Diabolo Skipping
  7. 5 Club Endurance
  8. Gandini Gladiators
  9. Coin Juggling
  10. Diabolo in a Box
  11. 7 Ball Endurance
  12. Club Balance Endurance
  13. Combat

The Games (Juggling Olympics) were held indoors in the Atrium. It was commented that being help indoors was preferable as it eliminated the issue of wind when held outdoors.


Review, video and photo links[edit]

Luke Burrage's photos of Gala Show

Orinoco's review on the Juggling Edge

Chazz Parham's review on Firetoys website

eMretsiM's BJC 2014 video on youtube

Notes and other details[edit]

Pocket Guide

Other activities included Superhero Quiz and Ceilidh and there was also music provided by Rough and Ready Boys and Alligator Gumbo.

Facebook page:

Catering was provided by the school canteen in the main atrium, and Veggies and Love Waffles in the courtyard next to the main atrium.

There were some strong winds during the games and some of the larger more exposed tents needed rescuing.

There was a meeting held by Jack Perkin to discuss the establishment of BJAG (or whatever the final name is chosen to be) which would be an official body that could help with the continuation and organisation of future BJCs.

There was a on-line survey carried out after BJC at

BJC 2014 Business Meeting minutes

Budget and other costs[edit]