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BJC # 25 11-15.4.2012


Southend Leisure and Tennis Centre, Garon Park, Eastern Avenue, Southend on Sea, Essex, SS2 4FA


Amie Bridge - Head Honcho
Graham H - Comedy sidekick (2nd in command)
Emily Winch - Pre-Reg, webmaster, workshops
Kevin Fletcher - Sourcing various CPC, Registration Packs, Merchandise, many other things!
Dave Law - Caterers, Site set-up and de-rig, signs and lots of other stuff during the convention
Donald Grant and Luke Wilson - Public Show
Mini Mansell - Site Manager, Renegade
Jane Randall - Info booklet, volunteer badges & reg desk
Sam Gresham - Marketing, support and reg desk
Roger Arnay - Parade coordinator
Paul Randall - Show poster design & info book liaison
Lorri Reese - Twitter specialist


1051 people attended BJC 2012

Previous official website url[edit]


BJC 2012 Logo


White retractable coil ski pass clip with BJC 25 logo on it.

BJC 2012 Pass


Early pre-reg: £75(adult), £45(child 11-15)
Later pre-reg: £85(adult), £55(child 11-15)
On the door: £95(adult), £55(child 11-15)

Show tickets - £15, T-shirts - £13, Hoodies - £25

Public Show[edit]

The Public Show was called "High Point" and was held at Cliffs Pavilion in Southend.

Donald Grant

Phil Os Diabolo
Ian Marchant Comedy Routine
Matthias Romir (Pinball Paranoia) Hat and Balls
Gunnar Erik Handstand
The Gandinis Glowclubs
Tony Pezzo Rings
Rod Laver Ping-pong balls
Matthias Romir Clubs and Balloon
Tigris Hula-hoop
Françoise Rochais Batons

Stagehand without compare: Arron Sparks
Stage Manager and co-organiser: Luke Wilson

Other shows[edit]

Open Stage
The Gandinis performed "The Event" and "Smashed".
Circus School Showcase
Cirque Normandie
British Kendama Open Championships
Torwood Wheelers German Wheel Display
The Old Skool Discussion


Held on the seafront after the parade, the games were hosted by Russell Wells and Peter Gamble. Medals were given to winners.



The ball workshop track was organised by Jon Peat

  • Multiplexes - TSC
  • Head bounces - Lewis Kennedy
  • Beginner's 3 Ball Body Moves - Jon Peat
  • Basic 3 ball juggling - Eddy and Greeny
  • Bounce Juggling - Thomas Senior
  • Intro to Siteswap - TSC
  • Ten Interesting Tricks with Three Balls - Reuben
  • Beginner's 4 ball juggling - Mark Watson
  • Improve your 5 ball technique - TSC
  • Beginner's 5 ball juggling - Mark Watson
  • Building Sequences with 3 Ball Body Moves - Jon Peat
  • Mills Mess Variations - Reuben
  • Beyond the Box - Tom Derrick
  • Advanced 3 ball - Jon Peat / Dave Kelly
  • First three ball combinations - Allen Goldie
  • 3BBB - Chris Noonan
  • Box and Factory Variations - Reuben
  • 6 and 7 ball technique - TSC
  • 6 and 7 ball siteswaps - TSC
  • 4 and 5 ball siteswaps - TSC
  • Beg/Int Foot catches and kickups - Luke Galloway

Clubs and passing[edit]

Workshop track organised by people from Passout

  • Intro to Club Passing - Caspar and FAK
  • Takeouts Theory - Aidan
  • Scrambled V - Aidan
  • Passing with Zaps - James and friends
  • Improving your doubles (passing) - Ian and Lina
  • Club sharing and stealing - Amie and Steve Bridge and Dave Kent
  • Improving your club passing - Caspar and friends
  • Ring passing - Sean Gandini, Kati Ylä-Hokkala and Iñaki Fernández Sastre
  • 4-count, now what? - Caspar and James
  • Three club training exercises - Owen Reynolds and Inaki Sastre
  • Jim's passing patterns - Ian and Jamie


  • Combination Tricks - Tiff
  • Juggling while Beatboxing - Vid Warren
  • String tricks and knot throwing - Mini Mansell
  • Beginner cigar boxes - Adriano Fettucini
  • Pirouette tricks and 720s - Dave Leahy
  • German Wheel - Torwood Wheelers
  • Various unicycle workshops - JUST
  • Photographing Jugglers - Paul Silver
  • How to Organise a 1-day Convention - Dr Alice
  • How to Organise a BJC - Emily
  • How to run a Workshop Workshop - Dave JellyBean, Ben Cornish, Rob Thorburn
  • Lock Picking - Peter Gamble

More when I can be bothered to put them in.

Review, video and photo links[edit]

Scott Mills on BBC Radio 1

Someone's convention video:

BBC Radio Essex




Time-lapse video of The Gandinis "The Event"

Facebook group:

Facebook photo group:

Notes and other details[edit]


Juggler Ale logo

There were 2 big tops on site.

It was not actually the 25th anniversary, but it was the 25th BJC.

One used for Renegade, BYJOTY, and Open Stage. This was provided by Cirque Normandie

And a smaller one was used for children's games and general silliness provided by The Ladybird Project

The Marquee (used for bar/eating/some workshops/party/bands/renegade) was supplied by Castle Marquees.

Seven awards were given during the public show and presented by Don Robertson (European Yo-yo Champion 1953), five were given for 'Outstanding Contribution to British Juggling' to: Sean Gandini, Charlie Dancey, Haggis Mcleod, Charlie Holland and Max Oddball; and two were given for 'Innovative Prop Design' to: Michael Ferguson aka Fergie and Henrys.

There was a black and silver party night to celebrate it being the 25th BJC. The most excellent band was Scooby and lots of jugglers dressed up in ball gowns or fancy dress.
Saturday night's band was Angry Vs The Bear.

The British Balloon Modelling Convention was held, run and organised by Russell Wells. A 40 foot long working Chinese Dragon Balloon model was made for the parade and balloon décor was provided in silver and black for the party.

There was a pub quiz on the Wednesday night.

Catering was provided by Food Groove, Love Waffles and the leisure centre café. Louise and Matt Pearce from The Miley in Rochford ran the Bar in a marquee in the camping field and even got a special Jugglers Ale brewed for the event. Love Waffles served up 17kg of bananas in banoffee waffles over the five days. There was also a McDonalds across the road that had free wifi.

The BJC 25 logo was designed by Nick Pearson

BJC 2012 Business Meeting report

Budget and other costs[edit]

Previous convention costs