BJC 24, Nottingham, 2011

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BJC 24 15-21.04.2011


NOTTINGHAM. Harvey Hadden Sports Centre, Calveley Road, Nottingham, NG8 4PB (same venue as BJC 2007).


Main organisers:
Sam Gresham
Jane Randall

Natalie Randall
Andy Vass
Kat Bown
Aaron Trickett
Fire Safety Dave
Paul Randall


over 1000 - under 1100 (official number not known yet)

Previous official website url[edit]


BJC 2011 Logo


BJC 2011 Pass

Translucent plastic in shape of alien head logo in fluorescent orange or green.


Ticket type Adult Pre-reg Child Pre-reg Adult On Door Child On Door
Full week £75 £40 £90 £45
Weekend with Show £60 £30 £65 £35
Weekend without Show £50 £30
Weekdays Mon - Thu £70 £35 £75 £40
Day Tickets £25 £15

Sunday 17th April - Show only ticket - £15.00

Child for the purposes of the BJC is aged 11 -15, under 11 - free.

Public Show[edit]

was called "Beyond Gravity" and was held in the Nottingham Royal Concert Hall on Sunday evening

Matt Hall

Juggling Inferno started both halves of the show, firstly with fire staffs and fireworks secondly with fire hoops
Stefan Sing (juggling balls)
Eric Longequel (diabolo)
Inside Loop (Yo-yo)
Wes Peden (juggling)
Jay Gilligan (step-ladder, music player and some rings on strings)
Stefan Sing and Cristiania (dance and juggling)
Francois Bouille (planks and clubs)
Jonglissimo performed "Juggling Computer" (glow clubs)
Cirq’ulation Locale performed their "Second Life" show (trampolining and club passing)

more information at

Other shows[edit]

Circus Space and Circomedia Show
Juggling Inferno Fire Show
Open Stage featuring: Jay Linn (compère), Sam (bar flair), Wes Peden, Planet Abba, Markus Furtner & Matthew Tiffany (devilstick & viola), Jon Peat (ball juggling),
Children's Renegade
Cabaret Show


The Games were held in the grounds of Nottingham Castle on Sunday afternoon


As well as the workshops there were also Masterclasses with Matt Hall, Jay Gilligan, Arron Sparks, Wes Peden, Francois Bouille and Markus Furtner.
Workshops included:
Whip Cracking
Knife & Tomahawk throwing
Basic 3 ball juggling
Kendama tricks
Club passing
Diabolo for girls
5 ball tricks
Cigar boxes
Unicycling beginners
Bounce juggling up to 7
Excalibur / vertax diabolo
Beginners yoyo / trick swap
Torwood Wheelers
Waving for beginners
Contact Juggling for beginners
3 ball juggling - beginner, intermediate, advanced
Indian Head Massage
Staff juggling 1,2 and 3
Beginners, intermediate and propeller poi
Slow-motion gun fighting
Diabolo and contact staff....

Business Meeting[edit]

Lorri Reese chaired the business meeting. The minutes were taken by Miark.

Reviews, videos and photo links[edit]

HLGCB on rec.juggling
Rainbow Making Photo Gallery

Notes and other details[edit]

This BJC was the first to have been selected by an on-line vote. No-one came forward at the 2010 business meeting with a firm proposal to hold the 2011 event. Three teams volunteered to investigate the potential for a BJC in their town and two presented proposals. These were Nottingham and Bath. A discussion forum was created at which also had a voting form - Nottingham won the vote by 135 to 88 votes; there was 1 vote for "neither of the above". The Nottingham team's proposal was hosted at

At the business meeting in 2010, it was suggested that Jane Randall might contact Harvey Hadden Stadium in Nottingham to see if they would be willing to host the convention again, with the view to maybe having various people do various components of organising a BJC. Once home Sam Gresham and Jane had a fanciful idea that they would actually like to run the whole thing - so they spoke to some other enthusiastic friends of Nottingham Juggling club - such as Kat Bown, Andy Vass, Fire Safety Dave (aka Andy Harris),Paul Randall, Natalie Randall, etc. and a plan was constructed to place a bid to run the convention.


BJC 2011 Facebook page at

This was the first BJC to not end at the weekend, but instead ran from Friday to Thursday.

The BJC team ran their own bar allowing for more juggler friendly opening times (subject to their licence limitations)

There was a power cut on Monday evening and the main hall had to be evacuated and no one was allowed to back in till the next day, but the leisure centre staff allowed jugglers to use the running track area (the camp site location from BJC2007), so many were happy with the alternative arrangements.

Team KD won the BJC pub quiz.

The Ladybird Project ran lots of children's workshops as well as some for adults in their big top on the campsite.

The British Balloon Modelling Convention was held in the workshop rooms in the Sports Hall.

The British Kendama Championships had a new format and were organised by The Void.

Catering: The sports hall sold the usual sports hall fare and there was a Veggies vegetarian food van, Arborart coffee bar and waffle van on the campsite.

Workshops, Open Stage, Circus Schools Show, BYJotY, BKC, Children's Renegade were held in Hadden Park High School next door to the Harvey Hadden Sports Centre.

There was video streaming of the event by Nathan Rae on Juggling Live

The logo on the convention t-shirts and hoodies glowed in the dark.

The weather was very sunny for the whole convention.

Budget and other costs[edit]