BJC 23, Huddersfield, 2010

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BJC # 23 07-11.04.2010


HUDDERSFIELD. Huddersfield New College, New Hey Road, Huddersfield, HD3 4GL.


Main organiser: Stacie Murphy

Support team: Andy, Chris, Cam Stradeski, Ryan, Sam Vines, Mini Mansell, Emily Winch
Graphic Design: Nick Pearson
and thanks to: Dr Alice, Allen, The Dee and Paul



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BJC 2010 logo


3 small metal clubs on a keyring. The largest club was also a bottle opener (just), the smaller clubs might be screwdrivers. Volunteers were rewarded with different colour badges with the convention logo on.

BJC 2010 Pass with volunteering reward badges


Early Pre-reg: Adults - £65,
Pre-reg: Adults - £75, Children(11-15) - £35?,
On door: Adults - £85, Children(11-15) - £45, under 11s - Free
Day tickets: Wed/Thu/Fri - £25 (£15 children), Sat - £20 (£10 children), Sun - £10 (£5 children)
Show tickets: £15 (£8 children)

Public Show[edit]

The show was held in Huddersfield Town Hall

Vladimir Dimitri Kockov (Jasper Blakely)

Spot The Drop
Frida Odden
Guy Waerenburgh
Norbi (diabolo)
Trevor Organ (Pete White) (comedy plate spinning)
Markus Furtner
Norbi (Rings)
Jon Udry
Matthew Tiffany, Josh Turner & Lewis Kennedy

The show was preceded by a 30 minute organ recital by Chris Lloyd.

Stage Manager Mini Mansell

Other shows[edit]


British Kendama Championships (British Kendama Open).

Circus Space and Circomedia Show.

Fire Show headlined by Flame Oz.

Unicycle Trials display by Voodoo Unicycles.


Hosted by Allen Goldie and held on site on Saturday afternoon.

One of the highlights of the games was the standing-on-shoulders gladiators.


Dealing with Drops - Jon Udry
Variations on 234 - Jon Udry
Perspectives on Practice - (panel), Donald Grant, Tiff, Dave Proctor, chaired by Emily Winch
Parkour - Leeboy (held on unicycle trials course)
Basic Ring Juggling - Norbi
Ring multiplex - Norbi
German Wheel - Torwood Wheelers
Devilstick - Markus Furtner
Contact juggling club - Meghan Pike
Sign Language - Pan
Knife Throwing - Peter Gamble
Whip Cracking - Peter Gamble

Review, video and photo links[edit]!msg/rec.juggling/chXRpy-L-aM/nxroPkw_-9wJ's_fotos/BJC_2010,com_ignitegallery/gallery,6/task,view/

Notes and other details[edit]


Marquees from Jeff Dobson
Small big top from Swamp
Security organised by Bod, a friend of Stacie's from Wales, highly recommended
Catering by Montegriffo's Frying Circus
The Public Show was held in Huddersfield Town Hall which had a pipe organ behind the stage.
The Fourth British Balloon Modelling Convention was held within the convention.

BJC 2010 Site Map

Notes on Map: The bar was sited in Marquee (G) and Marquee (F) used for German Wheel workshops and quieter drinking area, the swimming pool (I), selendike nook (J) and boilerhouse theatre weren't used by the convention. The map doesn't show the extension on the east side of the sports hall used as BJC office and the carparking area was doubled on its west side.

Budget and other costs[edit]

Previous convention costs