BJC 22, Norwich, 2009

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BJC # 22 19-23.08.2009


NORWICH. The Hewett School, Cecil Road, Norwich, Norfolk, NR1 2PL


Main organisers: Jak Elyard, Robin, Anna Bodicoat
Site management: Mini Mansell
Show producer: Sam Vines (with help from Emily Winch)
Ticket sales and dogsbody: Emily Winch



Previous official website url[edit] - not working 10/7/10


BJC 2009 logo


Red and Black Buff specially printed with pirate theme BJC 22 logo.

BJC 2009 pass


Pre-reg: Adults - £65, people aged 11-15 - £35
On door: Adults - £80, people aged 11-15 - £40
Day pass: Adults - £25, people aged 11-15 - £10
Saturday pass (inc show): Adults - £20

Public Show[edit]

was held in a recently opened youth venue called "Open", the show was called "Catch 22" and there were two performances due to the size of the venue.

The Void;

Juggling on Tap Orchestra (Stewart Pemberton, Magnus Mehta & Eimear McGeown) (bounce juggling/tap-dancing/drumming/flute);
Audrey Decaillon (club manipulation);
Komei Aoki (contact, ball juggling & rings);
Strictly Dumb Prancing (comic acrobalance);
Martin Heasman (ball juggling);
Koba (Rings);
Ronan McLoughlin (poi);
Tempei Arakawa (diabolo);
Witty Look (unicycle clowning);
Toby Walker (Balls and Clubs);

Stage Manager Mini Mansell

Other shows[edit]

BYJOTY was held at Open on Friday evening.

Closing show on Sunday by Pol & Freddy.

British Kendama Open

Fire Show on Thursday evening with; Chimaera, Cutting Edge Circus, Juggling Inferno, Rob Fiery, MCP & Spangle Pants.


were held in Norwich town centre outside the Forum Shopping Centre.
Games included: fastest balloon dog and campest poi spinner.


Hats - Haggis Mcleod
Lasso (Beginners) - Peter
The Torwood Wheelers ran a number of German Wheel workshops.
Diabolo (B) - Lawrence Gottlieb
Levi Stick (B&I) - Andy Wakeford
Kendama (B) - The Void
Body Popping (B) - Rossi
Poi 5-beat weave (A) - Ed
Club Manipulation (B) - Jon Udry
2 Diabolo (I) - Marky Mark
Making Juggling Videos - Nathan Rae
Devilstick (B) - Joshua
Meditation - Joshua
Club Balance tricks (I) - Tom Derrick
3 Ball Juggling (B) - Tom Hob
Close up Card Magic (B) - Paul
Physio for injured jugglers - Physio Monkey
Aerial (B) - Gwen
Teaching Poi - Ed
Poi (B) - Ed
Powerisers (B) - Abbi & Ellie
Tight rope / Slackline (B) - Jay Linn
Hula Hoop (B) - Lizzie Birrel
Diabolo Vertax (I/A) - Sharpe Brothers
Snakeboard/Streetboard (B) - Snakeboard Martin
Acrobalance (B) - Anwen & Colin
Gym Balls - Physio Monkey
Whip Cracking (B&A) - Peter Gamble
Knife Throwing (B) - Peter Gamble
Slackline (B) - Tom Hob
423 Variations (I/A) - Jon Udry
Poi & Poi Tangles (A) - Ross Wheeler
Devilstick (B&I) - Paul
2 Diabolo leg/arm orbits (A) - Susannah
Multi prop Work (A) - Ross Wheeler
Yo-yo (I/A) - Nick Shenfield
Diabolo (I) - David L-H
3 Ball Body Moves (I/A)- Jon Peat
Juggling with Business - Equity (Michael Day & John Ainslie)
Multi Person Double dutch (B) - Yorkies
Contact Staff - Sandy & Tim
3 Diabolos (A) - Sharpe Brothers
Bounce juggling with Rhythm - Stewart Pemberton
Acro (B) - Strictly Dumb Prancing
Nail in Nose & Walking on Broken Glass (B) - Silver Martin

(B)=Beginners, (I)-Intermediate, (A)=Advanced

Review, video and photo links[edit]

Videos on
HLGCB on rec.juggling
Tunbridge Wells Juggling Club's review
Kaskade magazine issue 96 page 28.

Notes and other details[edit]

The first ever summer BJC, due to forced re-scheduling because of venue problems. It was also the first ever BJC to return to a previous venue.
Large (and very shiny new) Big Top from Swamp
Catering from Montegriffo's Frying Circus
There was also a small swimming pool on site open at various hours during the convention free for convention goers.
There was no parade, but the games and show were only a 25 minute walk from the site.
This Convention ran into financial difficulties.

Budget and other costs[edit]

Previous convention costs