BJC 21, Doncaster, 2008

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BJC # 21 26-30.03.2008


DONCASTER. The Dome, Doncaster Lakeside, Bawtry Road, Doncaster, DN4 7PD.


Main organiser: Liz Beyer
Website, ticket sales, dogsbody: Emily Winch
Moral support: Adrian Witcomb
Site management: Mini Mansell
Show producer: Sam Vines
Evening events: Mr Jules
Graphic Design: Nick Pearson
Workshops: Mick Kremer
Public Events: Tim Woolliscroft
Rachel Black

SinD provided balloon decorations


BJC attendance was 1150. Attendance at the public show was 1500 and was a complete sell out.

Previous official website url[edit]


BJC2008 logo a.k.a. "Mr. Bollox"


Clear perspex rectangle with logo cut-out of it.

BJC 2008 Pass (with Mr Bollox volunteering reward token)


Pre-reg: Adults £60, Children (11-15) £30
On door: Adults £75, Children (11-15) £40
Day tickets: Adults £25, Children (11-15) £12
Public Show tickets: Adults £12.50, Children (11-15) £6, Children (under 11) £3

Public Show[edit]

The public show was called "Elevation" and was held in the main sports hall.

Donald Grant

Erik Borgman (juggling footballs);
Leo & Yam (Leo Hedman & Yam Doyev)(aerial);
Senmaru (Japanese juggling & balance);
Jacob Sharpe (solo)
The Sharpe Brothers (duo)
(Nate and Jacob Sharpe)(diabolo);
Peter Irish (hacky-sack);
Tiff (ball juggling);
Lorenzo Mastropietro (hat juggling);
Maxlastic (contortionist);
Pro Drop (club juggling & passing).

Other shows[edit]

As well as the usual events, the first British Kendama Championships were held in the big top.

There was an International Show on Friday hosted by AJ James

Wes Peden and Peter Aberg performed a Closing Show on Sunday.

BYJOTY 2008 Awards:
BYJOTY: Freddy Sheed; Judges Choice: Freddy Sheed; Lestival convention award: Luke Hallgarten; Crawley convention award: Reuben Cohn-Gordon; Silver awards: Freddy Sheed; Adrian Pole; Luke Hallgarten;



Bar Flair beginner & intermediate - Duncan Smith
Bouncing Balls beginner -
Building and Performing Routines – Haggis
Cigar Box - Shaun Clark
How to run a workshop – Dave JellyBean
Kendama - Tom Derrick
Plate Manipulation - Nigel Roder
Intro to Sharing and Stealing - Mini Mansell
Tray, Fork and Pen Spinning
Making Musical Instruments out of Vegetables
Modern Jive Dancing

Review, video and photo links[edit]

Videos of BJC 08 on

Tunbridge Wells Juggling Club's review

Kaskade magazine issue 91 page 4 compiled by Luke Burrage.

A DVD was filmed by Luc Byard and edited/compiled by The Void.

A video of Leo and Yam

BJC 2008 Facebook page with 364 photos & 3 videos.

Notes and other details[edit]


Jeff Dobson provided a bar marquee
Swamp provided their small big top for Renegade (and all other evening shows).
The venue had a swimming pool, climbing wall, and ice rink which were also open to the public, there was a unicycling on ice session.
The venue had a spectacular circular entrance forum with a glass domed roof. The traders used this area, it was fitted out with balloon decorations and it was left open to the public.
The venue also provided all the catering. They had two bars serving food, a public one and a jugglers-only one that provided plenty of chill-out space. There was also a public café in the building. The venue was also next to an out of town retail park with the usual choice of restaurants and there was an Asda opposite the venue.
The organiser's offices were along the back of the sports hall on the second floor, giving a splendid view of the hall on one side and the campsite on the other.
A trader from a well known French juggling equipment vendor was observed performing indecent acts with a young lady under the seating while Jay was compèring renegade.
One attendee brought along a large cake with the BJC2008 logo on it, made by his professional cake decorating mother. This was cut up and eaten during Renegade one night.
Hosted the first British Kendama Championships.
Hosted the 2nd British Balloon Modelling Convention.
The little clear plastic man "Mr Bollox" cut from the passes were used as rewards to give to volunteers.

Budget and other costs[edit]

Previous convention costs