BJC 18, Perth, 2005

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BJC # 18 31.3-03.04.2005


PERTH. Bells Sports Centre, Hay Street, Perth, PH1 5HS.


Main organisers: Graham & Britta
Team: Mini Mansell (Pre Reg), Duncan Smith (Show), Gandalf (Workshops), Jak (Traders), Tom (unicycling)



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BJC 2005 Pass

A compass.


Pre-Reg: Adult £50, Kids (under 17) £25, under 8 free.
On the door: Adult £60 Kids £30, under 8 free
Day Tickets: Adult £25, Kids £12, (excluding Public Show)
Public Show: Adult £10, Kids £5, Ceilidh: £5

Public Show[edit]

Compères The Raspyni Brothers;

Mark Segal (ladder);
Luke Burrage & Norbi Whitney (clubs, rings & diabolo);
Priam Pierret (diabolo);
Ewan Colsell (contact juggling);
Ian Marchant (hat juggling);
Jan Schmutz (Yo-yo);
Hella Gandlau (unicyclist);
Kristian Wanvik;
The Pylonauts (comedy with traffic cones);

Other shows[edit]

The first British Young Juggler Of The Year (BYJOTY) competition, instigated, organised and compèred by Luke Burrage and sponsored by Butterfingers.
2005 BYJOTY Awards:
BYJOTY: Jon Udry;
Judges Choice: Norbi; Durham convention award: Zyllan; Nottingham convention award: Jon Udry;
Silver awards: Jon Udry, Arron Sparks, Zyllan
[Note: The Judges' Choice award was given instead of a silver medal. It was later decided that in future years it would be awarded in addition to Silver/Gold.]

Open Stage every evening and separate Kids Open Stage

Northern Regional Yo-Yo Competition,

Fire Show co-ordinated by Tim Marston

Ceilidh with Last Tram Tae Auchenshuggle on Friday

Hella Gandlau and Julia Hahn performed (as well as other unicyclists) in a Unicycle Show.


5 Ball Endurance winner - 'Mad' Martin - From Nottingham Juggling Club.
Unicycle Gladiator winner - (both rounds) Zyllan from Stockport.


Clubs, first tricks (doubles to single flourish) - Graham Benson
Club passing, beginners - Gandalf
Club passing, beginner tricks - Gandalf
Club passing, 4 person patterns - Aidan, Des, David and Tudor
Club manipulation - Ian Deady
Ball juggling, beginners - Britta Hofmann
Devilstick, beginners - Mitch
Devilstick, advanced - Daniel Holzman
Diabolo, beginners - Mitch
Diabolo, intermediate - Ronnie Macdonald
Two diabolo, getting started & tricks - Steve Washington
Whip Cracking - Graham Benson
Balloon modeling - Russell Wells
Extreme fire stick - Tim Marsten
Plate manipulation, beginners & trick swap - Nigel Roder
Acrobatics - Ian
Clown workshop - Doc
Hat workshop, beginner/intermediate - Mike Armstrong
Cigar boxes - Daniel Holtzman
Flags - John Newton
Heckling, giving and receiving - Graham Benson
Parachute games (workshop is for kids and adults) - Mick Brazil
Comedy writing and performing - The Raspyni Brothers
Survival Gaelic (How to order your pint) - Britta Hofmann
Tennis ball and can - Daniel Holzman
Toothbrush twirling - Circus Kevin
Earning a living by Juggling - Circus Kevin, Russell Wells, & Donald Grant
Tricks with Rope / Elastic Band - Circus Kev & Doc
Ball spinning - Charlie Hull
5 ball tricks - Luke Burrage

Review, video and photo links[edit]

Kaskade magazine issue 79 pages 18-21

Notes and other details[edit]

Despite being so far north and earlier in the year than previous BJCs it turned out to have much warmer weather than expected.

The Sports Centre and camp site were open until 9am Monday morning, allowing people to go home on Monday.

There was also a haggis juggling contest to see who could juggle haggises the longest.

Budget and costs[edit]

Site £3000
Security £4000

There are no details available yet for their other costs, or their income.