BJC 17, Derby, 2004

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BJC # 17 15-18.4.2004


DERBY. Broomfield College, Morley, DERBY, DE7 6DN.


Main organiser: Andy Vass



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BJC 2004 Pass

A strip of translucent orange perspex etched with "BJC 2004" with a small red LED that made the whole thing light up when you squeezed the white end.


Adult - £50, Child - £25 (8-15 inclusive), Under 8 - free
On door:
Adult - £60, Child - £30 (8-15 inclusive), Under 8 - free
Day tickets:
Adult - £25, Child - £12 (8-15 inclusive), Under 8 - free
Public Show Ticket: Adult - £10, Child - £8 (Under 16)
Rooms £65 for 4 nights (without breakfast), Caravan hire (3 people) £195

Public Show[edit]

The show was called GraVity

held in Derby Assembly Rooms

Compère Mr Jules

Mad Pangea; (disco juggling)
Luke Burrage;
Fistful of Lice; (hat juggling)
Team Rootberry; (comedy juggling)
Jay Gilligan;
Susan Voyticki;
Max Haverkamp;
Susan Voyticki & Max Haverkamp; (combination of juggling & aerial)
Matt Hall; (balls, diabolo and break dancing)
The LaSalle Brothers; (club passing)

Other shows[edit]

Circomedia Showcase

British Yo-yo Championship organised by Arron Sparks on Friday afternoon.


Juggling Olympics were held in Derby market place on Saturday afternoon


Cigar boxes - Andy Vass

Trapeze (2nd workshop) - Shaena and Helen

Micro manipulation - Andy Parry and friends

Two diabolo - Emmet Doherty

Hat tricks - Mike Armstrong

Whip cracking - Peter Gamble

Club passing - Charlie Hull

Ball bouncing - Steve Grainger

Balloon modelling - Dave JellyBean

Ball tricks - Britta Hofmann

Devilstick - Nigel Roder

Ball spinning - Steve Grainger

Club tricks - Graham Benson

Club swinging - Nigel

One / two diabolo - Matt Hall

2 person/multi-hat tricks - Andy and Sandra (Fistful of Lice)

Hat tricks - Pascal Jorn

Club swinging weirdness - Ian Deady

3 balls - Bill Berry

Numbers passing, synchronisation and practice strategies - LaSalle Brothers

Trapeze - Shana and Helen

Cigar boxes - Matt Hall

Lasso - Norman Bush

Extreme 2 ball - Luke Burrage

Yo-yo - Arron Sparks

Meditation, relaxation and yoga posture - Lisa Haynes

Comedy - Team Rootberry

Wake-up, re-energising and stress relief massage (2nd workshop) - Barb Lewis

Plate manipulation - Andy Vass

Snake Board - Martin Millard

How to be a good juggler - Luke Burrage

Risk assessment - Britta Hofmann

Nail in the nose - Martin Millard

Belly dancing - Lisa Haynes

Solving Rubik's cube - Spencer Owen

Kendama - Matt Hall

Parachute games - Mick Brazil

Group skipping - M J Curtis

Shaker cups - The Void

1,2,3 Ball Workshop - Jay Gilligan

Review, video and photo links[edit]
Luke Burrage's review (and other people's comments) on rec.juggling
Alan Plotkin produced a DVD which is now available on line on vimeo at

Notes and other details[edit]


Marquees courtesy of Jeff Dobson

Big top for Renegade provided by NoFit State

Most of the convention was under canvas, as the only things indoors were the canteen and the two workshop rooms. There was a large 13,500 sq ft 4 pole Big top for juggling in, a marquee for the bar and another marquee for the traders.

Susan Voyticki and Max Haverkamp received a grant from the BJC Surplus award scheme to develop their act for the public show. Luke Burrage also received a grant to develop his act.

There was a unicycle orienteering competition.

Towards the end of the convention the field got quite muddy and some vehicles needed pushing out of the mud to leave.

Budget and costs[edit]