BJC 15, Whitstable, 2002

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BJC # 15 29.3-1.4.2002


WHITSTABLE, The Community College, Bellevue Road, Whitstable, CT5 1PX.


Main organiser: Stumpy, Tina Carter
website: Orin & Jon Relf [1]


In total including day tickets we had 1300 through the door

Previous official website url[edit]


The logo's were designed by students at Whitstable Community College (the venue), as part of a competition, we had over 300 entrants to choose from.

BJC 2002 logo
another BJC 2002 logo


BJC 2002 Pass

One of those puzzle things where you have to slide the 15 pieces into the right places to make the picture of the Whitstable logo (purple octopus picture).


Pre-reg: Adults - £50, under 18s - £35, under 8s - free
On door: Adults - £60, under 18s - £45, under 8s - free
Day tickets: Adults - £15, under 18s - £12.50, under 8s - free
T-shirts - £10, Show tickets; £13.50 £11.00 £9.00, under 16s - £6.50

Public Show[edit]

held at the Marlowe Theatre in Canterbury.
Compère: Soapy
Devilstick Peat;
Jason Maverick;
Alexi & Tweedy;
The Professional Idiot;
Vova and Olga (The Galchenkos);
Alban Elved;
Jamie Walker (diabolo);
Ben Beever;
Tilly (Corde Lisse act);
The Bird Project (Ella Tabb, Jochen Pöschko, & Lomi Szil);

Other shows[edit]

Circus School Showcase Show - featuring acts from Circus Space & Circomedia
Alexi & Tweedy clown show
The British Yo-yo Championship
Fire Show provided by John Kennett, and included no juggling at all, but very loud music and a lot of fireworks (heard and seen across Whitstable)


The games were held in the Gorrell Tank Car Park on Sunday afternoon after a parade through Whitstable.


Break-dancing - Miguel (2 workshops)
Yo-yo - Arron
Rope & Harness - Alban Elved (2 workshops)
Round table tennis - Andy Ryrie (7 workshops)
Beginners club passing - Jaims & Charlie Hull
Devilstick - Devilstick Peat
Staff spinning - Matt
Massage - Barbara Lewis (6 workshops)
Poi beginners - Rich Orange
Club stealing beginners - Dave, Steve, Amie
Poi intermediate - Rich Orange
Whip cracking beginners - Peter Gamble
3 ball tricks - Hairy Scary Glyn
Capoeira - Ian
Unicycle safari-Canterbury - Sarah Miller
Whip making - Peter Gamble
Disastrous club passing - Jaims & Ewano
5 club trick swap - Jason Perry
Devilstick intermediate - Devilstick Peat
Advanced 3 count passing - Tarim
Bounce passing - Steve & Dave
Unicycle Quidditch - Sarah Miller
3 club tricks - Hairy Scary Glyn
Whip cracking intermediate - Peter Gamble
Mill's Mess trickswap - Ewano
4 ball trickswap - Hairy Scary Glyn
Balloon modelling - John Kennett
Tequila Slamming Workshop (7am on Sunday morning) - What A Palaver

Review, video and photo links[edit]

Orin's review from IJDb
Idiots on Unicycles & Southampton Juggling Club's review
Charlie Hull's review (+ comments from uk_jugglers)
Reviews of Vova & Olga's performance
The Bird Project in Public Show on Youtube.
Contact juggling at BJC 15 on Youtube Part 1 & Part 2.

Notes and other details[edit]


It featured a 24 hour Juggling Hall, a 24 hour Unicycle Hall, Public Show in Kent's biggest theatre, the parade and games, renegade cabarets each night, live music each night, workshops, parties, chill out zones and plenty of juggling, camping, catering and late bar all on site.
NoFit State Big top was used for Renegade and Circus School Showcase Show.
There was an unsuccessful attempt to beat the Tequila Slammer Mexican Wave World Record, 356 people attended, record 456 (set the week before the convention in Canterbury, NZ, previous record 202)