BJC 13, York, 2000

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BJC 2000 logo

BJC # 13 13-16.April.2000


YORK. The sports centre and sports fields of the University of York, York, YO10 5DD. Location on Googlemap


Main organisers: Rob Stone, Lorri Reese, Mike Armstrong,

plus a cast of hundreds including at least (in no order):

  • Little Dave
  • Mini Mansell
  • Nicole Taylor
  • Paul and Claire Gibbs
  • LP
  • Pete Bradshaw
  • Steve Carter
  • Matt Shacklady
  • Kev and Eclair
  • Martin Burton
  • Sam Vines
  • Laura Gray
  • Tim Fieldsend
  • Fak
  • Ewano
  • Miark
  • Jenny Main
  • Colin Durrans
  • John Cosham
  • Paul Selwood

and all the other Yorkies ...



Previous official website url[edit]


BJC 2000 logo

The logo was chosen by the organisers from a selection of logos designed by HND Graphic Design students from York College. The winning design of the wavy club was by Andrew Dobson. Graham Worsfold's design of a juggler was used on the front of the convention t-shirts and programme, with Andrew Dobson's wavy club design on the back.

BJC 2000 Programme Covers


BJC 2000 Pass

A rather fetching laser cut steel version of the logo with a dog tag chain.
Cost less than a quid and is often still seen as a key ring.


BJC 2000 T-shirt

As well as the main BJC2k t-shirt there was also a unicycle BJC2k t-shirt.

The main BJC t-shirt was black with the man juggling logo on front and one third of the three clubs logo on the back.


BJC 2000 Flyer
Adults under 16s under 10s Family Ticket
(2 Adults 2 Kids)
T-shirts Gatto Masterclass single rooms
en-suite rooms

Pre-reg £37 £22.50 free £105 £7 £75 £17 £18
On Door £45 £30 free £125 £8 £80 £17.50 £22.50

Day tickets: Thursday; £10/£5, Friday; £10/£5, Saturday; £12.50/£7.50, Sunday; £7/£3.50
Public Show tickets: £7.50

Public Show[edit]

BJC 2000 Public Show Ticket

The show was called "Heights of Fancy" and was held at the University's distinctive Central Hall, the seats had millennium balloons and decorations on them supplied by Jak from Jesters.


Mr Jules and Andy Wood (Tiger Bond)


In the interval a video of Toby Walker was shown

Other shows[edit]

Circus Space performed a show in the NoFit State circus big top twice on Friday evening.

Fire Show organised by Jim & Anna (of Cosmos Jugglers) on Friday evening.

A Circus Science show was held in show venue for local kids on Sunday morning. It was free.


Games were held in the York Museum Gardens, hosted by Steve Carter (Sweavo) at the end of the parade through the centre of York on Saturday afternoon. Games included the inspired combination of 5 ball endurance with diabolo long throw as well as International Stredging (which was won by Luke Burrage & Ben [1]).


Coordinator: Ewano

As well as the usual workshops there was also a masterclass taught by Anthony Gatto and Nick Gatto for 3 days of 3 hours per day, which people had to pay extra for (£75/£80), it was limited in numbers and sold out.

Beginners & Advanced Mancala - Matt
Beginners 3 club 2 person sharing - Mini Mansell
Static Trapeze - Helena
Juggling Injuries and Prevention - Limber Larry (Dr Lawrence Taylor)
Yo-yo - Martin Burton
Balloon Modelling - Dave JellyBean

BJC 2000 Postcard

Beginner & Advanced Siteswap - Ben Beever
Tuvan Throat Singing - Steve Carter
Street Performing with Magic - Mario Morris
Juggling Rings - Jim Semlyen
Lasso for Beginners - Peter Lister
Whip Cracking - Peter Gamble
Drumming workshop
Diabolo linking - Brian
"Mills Mess How To" - Ewano
Ball spinning - Winston
Club swinging - Nigel
Left and right club passing - Tarim & Mandy
Contact - Casee.

Review, video and photo links[edit]

Video Cover

Tunbridge Wells Juggling Club's review
Charles O Donoghue's Business Meeting report (+ comments)
Discussion on how good York BJC was on rec.juggling
Luke Burrage's review
Luke Burrage published video of Anthony Gatto practising in Gym and video of Gatto tributes on Renegade
Luke Burrage's video of Ben Richter's act in Public Show
Stu J's Review (on 2nd page?)
Sarah Miller's review on
Kaskade magazine issue 59 review of convention on page 4 and review of Gatto Workshops on page 6. [2]
Report in York Press
Alan Plotkin produced a video.

Notes and other details[edit]


The convention was also known as BJC2k (2k (or Y2k) was a popular abbreviation for the year 2000 with media speculation that all the computers would stop working at the start of the year 2000).

NoFit State Circus came along with their smaller big top (at the time it was their only one) which was used for Renegade shows, the Circomedia show and as a workshop and aerial space. Muffin Marquees (John Carter's company) also brought their big top as extra juggling/workshop space. The bar tent was from Jeff Dobson marquees. The music system in the bar was a free ghetto blaster, courtesy of Argos' no-quibble return policy, and a bike u-lock!
Fencing and portaloo rental (and servicing of the loos) was sourced from a local building hire company.
The university's site services department provided tonnes of woodchip to help deal with the consequences of the wet weather.

Montegriffo's Frying Circus and a local fast food van provided on-site catering. There was also food available in Vanburgh College dining room on the university campus.

The organisers went to every one day convention in the UK as well as Dublin and Glastonbury to advertise and promote BJC in York.

There was a 7 mile unicycle ride from York to Riccall along a scale model of the solar system.

Ken & Tina, from Tumblecircus were going to perform in the Public show, but due to problems hanging the trapeze in Central Hall they performed in Saturday night's renegade instead.

People were also able to pre-reg by credit card thanks to Jak Hirst from Jesters.

Some start up money was raised by selling (non-voting) shares in the company running BJC with the promise of a dividend if BJC made a profit. After the event a dividend was paid and the shares were compulsorily repurchased by the company.

The organisers of BJC2k formed a limited company - York Events Management Ltd. (not to be confused with York Events Ltd. of Etty Avenue, York).

Volunteers were rewarded with Beer tokens they could exchange at the bar for drinks.

There was a ceilidh on Thursday night.

Site Map of BJC York

The above is the site plan according to the programme, but the marquees and big tops were not placed exactly to this plan due to the heavy rain in preceding weeks. A large portion of the campsite was lost to water so the fire area had to be used for camping and a new fire area formed.

Case studies of some of the problems the organisers had to solve.

Supported by BJC2k logo
BJC2k used some of its surplus to support projects like and It also joined Durham BJC in helping fund two of the acts for Derby BJC's Public Show. They have provided t-shirts for BYJOTY, funds for start up, offered money for "Box-O-Tools" and other stuff behind the scenes.