BJC 10, Nottingham, 1997

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BJC # 10 10-13.04.1997


NOTTINGHAM. Nottingham University Sports Centre.


Main organisers: Ian Adcock and Robert Sim "What A Palaver"
Public show was organised by Stuart Carter


752 (or just over 1000 (according to begging letter sent by organisers to The Catch (issue 23 page 24))).

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BJC 10 Pass

A pea green wrist band.


Pre-reg: Adults - £30, Under 16s - £15
On door: 4-day: Adults - £37, Under 16s - £20
............ 2-day: Adults - £30, Under 16s - £17
............ 1-day: Adults - £20, Under 16s - £12
Rooms: £18 per night (including breakfast)

Public Show[edit]

was held in the Royal Concert Hall

Compères What A Palaver (Ian Adcock and Robert Sim (they were also the organisers of convention))

Spectral FX (UV juggling & puppets);
Jay Gilligan (ball & club juggling);
Feeding The Fish (club passing);
The Curious Eyebrows (plate passing?);
Rod Laver (ping-pong ball juggling);
Martin Mall & Heimo Vehse (diabolo);
Pretentious Ken & Haggis Mcleod (water spitting?);
Steve Hoops (hula-hooping);
Andrew Premdas (AndyP)(Diabolo);
Ben Jennings & Sam I Am (bounce juggling)

Other shows[edit]


The games were compèred by Charlie Dancey in a cramped part of Nottingham's market square.


Review, video and photo links[edit]

Kaskade issue 47 page 24.
The Catch issue 23 pages 20 -23
Michael Ferguson (Fergie)'s photographs
Michael Ferguson (Fergie)'s Awards

Alan Plotkin produced a video which is now available on-line on vimeo at there is also an index of the video.

Notes and other details[edit]

The campsite was at Wollaton Hall, a 1 mile walk or 3 mile drive from the gym and show tents.
The gym was carpeted to prevent unicycles from damaging the floor (but the unicyclists subsequently rolled some of this carpet up).
Because of a last-minute panic regarding licensing regulations, the British Juggling Association/British Juggling Federation was formed and the event became "members only". Membership lasted one year and got you free entry into the convention.
The swimming pool was also available for use for a £1 admission. On site there were 3 tents including a Swamp tent and a Croissant Neuf tent.
This convention ran into financial difficulties.

One of the tent owners tried to persuade her pet dog to sing on Renegade, night after night.

Comet Hale-Bopp was clear in the sky at night. [1]

Mid-way through the convention the tap water in Nottingham got contaminated and no one was allowed to drink tap-water for 24 hours.

Laughing Buddha served food and the university provided catering.

There was a unicycle orienteering competition on the Sunday morning with 400 unicyclists entered (Map). (Mansell - The Catch issue 23 page 31).

Salisbury also bid to host BJC 10.

Budget and costs[edit]

Nottingham BJC 1997 Expenditure & Income