BJC 1, London, 1988

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BJC # 1 5-6.3.1988


LONDON. Colombo Street Sports Centre, Colombo Street, London, SE1 8DP.


Main organiser: Max Oddball
Charlie Holland
Susi Oddball


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Image courtesy of Guy Heathcote



Event £2.50 per day
Show Adults £1 children 50p

Public Show[edit]

The show was on the Sunday evening


Lynn Carroll - Club Swinging.

Other shows[edit]

According to the programme:
Stuart Fells gave a diablo demonstration,
Andre, Brian and Paul Morocco gave a public presentation.


The 5 ball Endurance was a draw between Sean Gandini and Max Oddball (source; Dean Morton who was there).

Russell Wells and Lee Jellyhead organised the Unicycle Games.


Learn to Juggle - Simon Beaumont
Unicycle - Pedro
3 Ball - Max
Diablo - Brian, Debbie, Piers, Stuart Fells
Patterns in Passing - No Fit State Circus
Numbers 5 or more - Shaun
Balancing, Ping Pong Balls, Plates - Steve Rawlings
Advanced Club Passing - Charlie, Haggis, Sam
Ball Bouncing, Cigar Boxes, Devil Sticks - Tony Antony
Club Swinging - Sarah
Rope Spinning, Tightrope - Brian Andros, Nick Andros
Public Workshop - Doug, Sham


Image courtesy of Kevin Fletcher

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Notes and other details[edit]

"There was no Covent Garden festival in 1988 so Max Oddball & Charlie Holland from Circus Space organised a 2 day event at the Colombo Street Sports Centre where Max ran his weekly workshops. This became the first British Juggling Convention." from [1]

According to the programme, there was wholefood, videos all weekend, creche available, print your own tee-shirt (Sun) and stalls.

According to article in Kaskade (issue #11, page 20, Jan 1988)[2] there were plans to accomodate people in jugglers' houses or nearby youth hostel.

Susi Oddballs posted on facebook in 2016 "My memories go out to Pedro from Barcelona, Sarah Peakes, Charlie Holland, Harry the plumber, Simon who worked at the time for ITN, Katie who did the artwork, Andy, Sean Gandini, Tony Anthony, Haggis & Charlie, NoFit State, Brian, ALL the street performers at Covent Garden, Steve Rawlings and family, the jugglers from Jubilee Hall in Convent Garden who were really supportive, Stuart Fells and family, Brian Andros(RIP) and family Pearce Halfpenny (RIP) Rick the ladder, Paul Morocco, who made the first convention a success with all their hard work, Debbie, Russell, and those who were there and I cannot remember with age, Those that were there noticed all the food was cooked by Pedro and friends and it was all vegan In fact I remember jugglers going out to buy their meat supplies xxxx Happy memories of Columbo Street I have still got lots of photos of Columbo street workshops Has anyone got pics of the convention?" [3]